Reasonable Adjustment Passport

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Has anyone come across this before?
My employer is introducing a scheme whereby all those staff who require a reasonable adjustment at work will complete this 'passport' which lists all the adjustments required.
The idea is that the 'passport' follows you around the organisation, if you change roles or work stations, and it informs management of what is needed to be done and what has already been previously agreed.
The aim is that we do not have to to repeatedly go through the palaver of having to disclose and negotiate every time we get a new boss (which is frequently..).
You only have to list the adjustments, not the medical reason behind them.
Its a huge document, although most of the pages detail the obligations under the Equalities Act for the information of the management.
Would be interested to hear from anyone who has anything similar running, and in particular, any pitfalls they have found.


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    lozza, i am just about to fill one in it is slightly different as it list all the meds i take and the problem i may have and what i find difficult and the adjustments i have agreed with my boss it seems to be a new thing but having gone through quite a few bosses in the past it seems a better way than having to keep saying well hello i am tracey adn i have ra. I did say to one boss i felt like having a sign round my neck.

    My current boss is great so i have no problems and i have worked for the same company for over 25 years

    It will be interesting to hear if anyone else has filled one in

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    I think its a good idea....instead of feeling obliged to explain all your would just need to hand over document and get all your equipment etc etc...and as its something that is accepted throughout the workplace the managment would have to accept whats on it instead of you having to explain yourself etc....cant see pitfalls.
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    I know how you feel ! Was thinking of having "Hello, I'm Lorraine and I'm a cripple" tattooed on my arm.. :P
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    Having worked in the past for a complete to**er I think this passport idea is a fantastic idea and wish the company I worked for had had it in place. xx