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hi all hows you all today. has anyone or liveing in cornwell.
well i had a nice hoilday in cornwall with family. i dont get meny lol. anyway i stoped driving larst year cos my vertgo is bad now. so we park the car in the right place. gets back to the car to fined its got a parking ticket GRATE :evil . tarns out in cornwall you have to have the free tax disc to use the blue parking badge down there, thing is . i dont drive now so i have to go out with the family and use ther car mmm thy drive. i did here some time ago thy wore changeing thing wich is good but i think this is going to be a prob. or is it ?? have i missed something agen lol. i ring my council any thy looked into it for me. thy ring back and say its ok to use it here but cornwall have got in and started 1st. still leves me BLANK. as what do users do ef you dont drive , lol stick the taxs on my head . lol. has any one got any ider :idea: cos i dont. sorry my spelling i hope you can all read and understand this thank you take care helen xx


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    Blue badges are not related to tax exempted discs. Local Authorities can choose to charge badge holders or not for parking. My LA does not charge, but other areas around me do. When you park in a bay and use your badge the car you are using does not matter, but check the tariff boards for whether BB people are exempt from charges or not. DD