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    From my own experience tramadol is better, and I have been on both. Cocos sort of worked but constipation major problem and had to resort to strong lax's. Might have been worth it if it had controlled pain. Now on tramadol 50mg +paracetamol 500mg 4 times a day. No probs at all with tramadol re: side effects apart from tending to overheat if I do any strenuous exercise. 6 hourly not ideal as they tend to wear off after about 5 hours, so I stagger the paramols 1 every 3 hours and it seems to work better. Previously I had the slow release tramadol, but not only did it create hallucinations, but it caused major probs with water works, and thought I had prostate problems. Mind you everybody's different, but worth trying to see what works best for you.
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    I did a quick google and found this:

    Can you get a yeast infection from naproxen?

    You can't get a yeast infection directly from naproxen, as it does not contain any yeast organisms, and so it's impossible for naproxen to "infect" someone.

    That being said, naproxen, like other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, works to modify the immune system in order to decrease inflammation. If it reduces the immune system's effectiveness in keeping infection out too much, a yeast infection can take advantage of the chink in the body's defenses.

    Because of this, any NSAID can contribute to a yeast infection if taken for long enough.

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    Is it me but berfore my new hip Nothing worked The doc kept changing my prescription but after a week or so nothing worked :evil
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    Painkillers work in slightly different ways and so do we! I can't have any drug with anti inflammotory in it as I've had duodenal ulcer perforation, so although I know ibroprophin works well for me, I'm not allowed to take it. Tramadol slow release work well, although the ordinary ones that you take every 4 to 6 hours work quickly for about an hour then I'm waiting for the next dose to be due. But thats just me, and I'm a pretty odd person :mrgreen:. Trial and and error and a good GP to find the right one is the best answer. loveSue
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    delboy wrote:
    It's difficult to recommend meds as we all react differently to them and a lot depends on what others you are taking. For me Tramadol just jelly's my brain and Co-Codamol is an effective bowel blocker.

    Best talk it over with your GP.
    Same for me
    Shame that the best painkiller was withdrawn a couple of years ago,IE,:|
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    hi,i take naproxen when needed i have to take it for about a week and it works well for me,i also take dihydrocodine usually one in morning and one at night i can take up to eight a day if i need them.Mig
    DD is brill she made me feel better about things,i hope people dont start falling out we all need each other.Mig
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    I've been dosed up on co-codamol & Naproxen and the combination is helping but obviously come morning time the effects have pretty much worn off and it's back on the roundabout again!

    As for falling out with people on the forum, it's only natural. We all look at things differently & have different ways of handling things. Some people's advice I can live without. Other people help greatly. End of story. :wink:
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    I've been on naproxen {doc changed it from diclofenic} and paracetamol
    but now since this fractured pelvis I'm on Oromoph every 4 hours...yikes.
    As for falling out with people.......I find DD fantastic....a mine of information and everyone on the forum gives their opinion when we ask.......OK we are all different...so I take what I think will help and leave the rest but still am very grateful to everyone for answering.#

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    I’m glad the new meds are working, Keith. I’m afraid morning is acknowledged as a bad time for arthritics. It’s sometimes just a matter of getting the pills in as soon as possible and easing oneself into the day as gently as possible.

    As for ‘falling out with people on the forum’ being ‘only natural’ I don’t see that. It would be amazing if we all actually liked each other but we would be a bit blinkered if we only took advice from those we personally liked. And it’s perfectly possible to dislike people without publicly insulting them.

    One of the great difficulties in posting comments on a forum such as this is that our own pain can distort how we write things and the pain of the reader can distort how they read things. We all have to try to be sensitive to that and I’m not, for one moment, suggesting that I don’t fail myself sometimes.
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    Hi,I agree with stickywicket.Take what you want or need from the forum and leave what you dont.everyones pain is personal to them and we all get grumpy espesially when arthur is miss behaving.cheers all Mig

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