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Hoping someone can put my mind at rest.

My plasma viscosity is often high, I know this is normal with any inflammatory arthritis. But also my white cell count and neutrophils are always very high. My GP always just brushes it off and says its just another sign of inflammation. But it stresses me :|
Does anyone else have a consistantly high wcc and neutrophils?



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    Hi Rosy
    Sorry I cant help, but I am sure someone will be along that can.
    And if you are new, welcome to this lovely forum.
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    Sorry I can't help either. Would the helpline be able to help you with this?
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    Hello Rosycheeks.

    Oh yes, bt results can be a bit of a minefield can't they? The plasma viscosity is something I didn't know about but info provided by my rheumatology nurse states that an increase in white blood cells can indicate infection or inflammation and that neutrophils are one of five different sorts of white blood cells - so I guess that if the wbc count is high, the neutrophil count may well be higher too. I have RA and have noticed that my wbc count tends to go down when the inflammation is better controlled and up when things are not so good.

    So I reckon this is all part of the inflammation process Rosy and not something additional to be concerned about.

    Love Tilly xxx
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    Hi Rosy

    l think it means you are fighting infection???

    Could you ask the rheumatologist to clarify it for you if the GP fobs you off?


    Toni xx

    They are the only bits of my blood EVER show anything :lol: