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My name is daina and I live in the states.I was diagnosed with JRA at 5 years old in 1981. I have it in every joint of my body, but have always ben RF negative. I also have fibroyalgia. I'm currently being treated with orencia, MTX, prednisone, lyrica, and others, as well as pain killers.
I just had an MRI of my cervical spine and found, due to deterioration I have a disc pressing on my spinal cord and two pinched nerves. I also had an MRI of my knee and am hoping to be sent to someone for a replacement. Because of my knee I have a stress fracture in the opposite foot. My body is falling apart and I just wanted to have a place to vent.


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    Hi Daina. You've definitely come to the right place to vent and you seem to have a lot to vent about. I'm sorry you needed to find us but I hope you'll soon feel at home here. Why not get involved on the Living With Arthritis or Chit Chat frorums as there are more people on there. See you soon.