Elbow pain

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can anyone give me any advice on how to treat elbow pain,
ive had this dam pain in both elbows for ages now have had injections in left one 3 times ver the last 2 years and frst jab instant relief 2nd one did nothing but cause excrutiating pain, 3rd one helped nnot perfect but better, now the right one is playing up, its agony, even keeping me of my laptop thas how bad.... the dr said 3 choices, 1, carry on as is, 2, injections and 3, operation, i'm applying Aloe Vera heat lotion and its a lovely warm feeling which helps sooth it but doesnt take it right away, the pain was so awful last night Steve (hubby) had to come down get the lotion and box of pain meds, was tempted to take a morphine tablet but hadnt long taken my bedime meds such as cocodamol and amytriptiline, i added 2 tramadol and aloe vera lotion, but had an awful night still,
can anyone offer me any advice?, gonna have a day with just short checking emails only on laptop today xxx
love and hugs


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    Morning liesa

    Sounds as though you are doing everything possible to ease your pain, but what about trying the heat patches that are advertized on tv. I don't know how good they are i haven't used them but they may be worth a try.
    I hope some one else comes up with a better sugestion.
    Hope your elbows calm down soon.
    Take care
    juliepf x
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    Morning hun.. I have been suffering with my EBLOWS (yep, spelt that way as they are annoying me, lol) lately.. Nothin much eases em, I do use the whaetpack things in the microwave.. Helps a little bit..

    Best of luck mi dear :grin:
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    thanks xx

    am limiting myself to computer use today, but i love reading so think its more like 'reading-itis' as opposed to tendinitis' should be bookworm elbow...

    just remembered i have a tens machne will give that ago when i come back from blood tests....

    i have looked at pictures on the laptop of elbows and pains but its not the radius or ulna area its more the lower part of the humerus

    just read up about it coming down to the wrist and fingers and yes that does happen but feel it more in the elbow, its kindof all over the elbow but feels worse above slightly, the dr always gets the pain area spot on with left arm but not the right, he has me almost sreaming when he presses it... poor man... should call him mr sorry..lol
    love and hugs
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    Elbow pain is horrible, Liesa, as it can make you feel quite sick. I don't get it much these days and mine might be different to yours.

    I could be wrong but would guess computer use isn't much good for it. Usually it's the things we most enjoy that cause the most problems. Maybe even the reading, depending on what you do with the elbow at the time.

    Try using the computer one-handed (apart from the 'shift' key) - tricky, but I have to do it at times. Try resting your arm in a makeshift sling (scarf) and trying out various different points of the arm (elbow, wrist, mid-point) as the main 'leaning' area.

    After that it's painkillers.
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    My elbows only got better once I started Humira. Now they do not give me any trouble at all painwise but are stiff and weak I'm afraid. But much better than the horrible pain.

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    Hi Leisa..

    I suffer with pain in my elbows..
    Not much more i can think of that you can do.. I use wheat bags on mine and deep heat, loads of tablets..
    Hope you find some comfort soon..
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    Hi Leisa
    When I was having injection in my back, one lady was having her elbow done, she was in absolute agony, and had her elbow in a sling.
    She said the injection help so much, that she had them twice a year or three times cant remember.
    The trouble is you have to give them a try because they dont work for everyone...like my back ones they did nothing Im afraid.
    I do hope you get some relief very soon.
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    Hi Lise

    poor you :sad:

    l only get pain in one elbow a shooting one which comes and stays a while (too long) then goes.

    Is it worth trying the tens then afterwards maybe a wheatie?


    Toni xx
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    Hi Liesa,
    My elbows only stopped hurting when they were replaced.
    Having said that I found ultra sound was quite good. Can you get a physio referral from your Dr easily?
    Try a sling for a while. Not much help I'm afraid.
    Hope it's sorted soon.