Met my consultant for the first time this morning...

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Had an appointment with rheumy nurse and a bloke walked in and told me that he had patients waiting so he would be quick.

He then proceeded to tell me that I am too fat...As if I hadnt noticed this myself

That I am in early menopause...Yup noticed that too

That I need to stop smoking...Now hes turning into the master of the bleeding obvious

His solution to all this is to up the meth to 15mg, and that I need to get fit enough to swim in the Olympics next year :eek: (Aint happening)

But he did give me my lovely steroid injection to get me going, so I should feel ok to go away next week


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    Their not nice people are they, you walk in the room, you know all your problems and then, wham they say it all again for you I'm sure just to make you feel even worse. I smoke and it's not as easy as they seem to think it is to give up.

    At least you wont see him for a while again.

    Karen xx
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    I'm lucky I have a fat consultant, :grin: my first consultant was stick thin, and he didn't understand the weight issue, I do not let them talk to me like that , only the first one got away with it.....after that I have my say.
    Im glad at least you got your injection....good luck with it..
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    Sorry your consultant was so rude. . It is there job to try and advise although the way it was said was unecessary... My gp told me to give up smoking and I smoke less than 5 a day. . Was annoyed at first but then I realised she wouldn't be doing her job if she didn't tell me. .
    The time they spend with each patient should be given there upmost respect and empathy. . Doctors are to quick these days to say a few words, right a prescription and out the door. . The good thing is you got your injection and will hopefully feel the benefits soon. I hope your next appointment is a better experience. .
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    What a wonderful bedside manner he has!!!! OK it is up to him to tell you things but there are ways and ways :eek:
    At least you got your injection......that makes up for it a bit :lol:

  • remixmum
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    I wouldnt have minded but my appointment was NOT with him, so he really had no right to tell me that he had loads of patients to see, but was spending his valuable time with me.

    I know that he knows a lot more about RA than I do, but I know more about me than he does.

    To tell the truth, I wouldnt normally let people talk to me like that (I am a feisty one) but I was kind of broadsided by his attitude cos I just went in to have a chat with my lovely nurse.

    He wants to see me on 25th July so next time I will be prepared to teach him manners
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    you could always email him like the mother in law to be on news
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    You go Geri.....
    Manners is what he needs..
    Doesn't cost anything for manners...
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    How very rude Geri :shock:

    you carry on as you are and l really hope the jab does you some good.

    Love Toni xx
  • remixmum
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    Okay, I have googled him and he really knows his stuff

    I shall let him know that I have looked him up and that he may be a genius but there is never a good reason to be rude.

    I wont friend him on FB though :lol: (Oh yes he is there as well) :lol:
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    What an Acehole my consultant here in Spain was an absolutely crackin' bloke Liked a joke and wanted me to help him with his English Sorry do not miss the NHS

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