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I was diagnosed with RA in March, currently reasonably well controlled on Methatrexate with folic acid as I feel quite nauseous some of the time. 5 weeks ago had a really bad attack of grastro-enteritis, still not sure I am over the effect of it as often feel quite unwell. At times I just feel so ill, or is it exhausted, that I just have to sit down for quite a time and often fall asleep. The colour completely drains from my face and I even sometimes feel I haven't got the energy to speak! Not at all like me! Does anyone else with RA feel this way?

Good to know this group is here.


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    Hello leaflet (love the name!) and welcome to the forum.

    So sorry that your are struggling, but glad you have found us. You will be made very welcome and hopefully, like me, you will find it really helps to share with others in a similar situation.

    I too have RA and, in terms of the tiredness, you could be describing me at the moment! Fatigue can be a huge part of RA and can also, I think, be a side effect of the methotrexate so it's difficult to know sometimes what's what. It is hard to know how to manage it. I'm "lucky" in that I don't work at the moment which means that I can pace myself but it doesn't stop me feeling hugely frustrated when I can't do things without having to sit down for a rest every few minutes - or when I have days when I can't do anything at all. I call those days my "walking through treacle" days, cos that's what it feels like!

    I am pleased that the methotrexate seems to be helping you though.

    You might like to think about posting your message again on the "Living with Arthritis" forum, cos most of us look there regularly and I think you will get more replies.

    Lots love Tilly xxx
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    I have AS but know exactly how you feel with the fatigue and all the symptoms that come with it, glad the methotrexate working for you. Its all a balancing game, you have to learn to juggle what you do, when you do it, how you do it and surround yourselfu with a good network of family, friends and of course everyone on here who you will find very supportive.

    Here if you need to chat. xx