Work, sickness & bad attitudes

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Hey there
Just fancy a moan sorry. I phoned in sick this week actually decided that I will go to doc & doc gave me a paper which was good as my boss cant question my sickness or demand I go in. This seemed to work as for once he hasnt hassled me however cheeky colleagues were clearly not happy, cutting me off when I tried to explain why im off, how long for, and that I have a paper saying, oh great! yeah yeah whatever, no take care of yourself or hope u feel better! Maybe they were busy but it was 1st thing & I think it was more likely just bad attitude.
Im not really suprised and it just proves my point I know I need the time off and as I obviously cant expect any support at work am glad that for once I have listened to my body and my doctor. The thing is I really cant afford to be off so may take just 1 week but I am so so soooooooo tired my joints are painfull and flaring up but even so this has happened before and Ive been tired before but not like this. Does anyone know if the blood tests they do for Mxt include one for anemia?


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    Hi Gem I went back yesterday after 2 months off and today a manager pulled me aside and ripped me of a strip for "disturbing the shift", what an [Text deleted] this man is I [Text deleted] hate him, anyway my reral line manager tried to calm me down so I told him to **** of and leave me alone I then emptird my lockers and left, will be going to see my GP next week and going off long term sick as he'd wanted me to be two months ago, [Text deleted] even my old shift didn't even say goodbye as I left in an upset state just stayed in the t room gawking at me.

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    Oh Mel,
    You poor thing :sad: how awful that your colleagues didn't even say goodbye to you. As for the managers :evil they sound like a right bunch of bar stewards and you're well out of it.
    Enjoy your sick leave, put all your energy into getting as good as you can arthur wise, relaxing and doing things you enjoy. :grin:
    I wish you all the best Mel X
    'grá agus solas'
    'Love and Light' translated from Irish. X
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    Hi Mel

    Sorry to hear u are being treated so badly. Work forms such a big part of our lives a little understanding can go a long way. I dont expect people to really understand but a little kindness can go a long way. Bad attitudes are far to common and worrying about work really doesnt help when people are already worried about health and finance. I am glad u have an understanding doctor, u must take the time u need to look after yourself and rest. It may not be something u wanted to do but work would probably make things worse as the stress and worry will undoubtly have an effect.

    I hope u feel better soon & wish you well x
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    I really dont know why co-workers have to be so know...i think they are jealous you are having time off but somehow forget youre off cos of an illness, conveniently forget that bit....take off as much as possible cos theyre not grateful if you struggle and go back early...either way you get backstabbed so play them at their own game.
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    Word on the street is he wanted me to bite so he could take formal measures against me lucky I vented my spleen on a lower grade, boy oh boy this man is a 100% self centerd s&*t really a nasty piece of work and he has my **** in his sights I fear.
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    I am experiencing very much the same...not sure of the way this thread is very useful.

    I posted in December saying that my manager had suggested ..the solution to me doing a day trip out with 34 6 year olds( in a min of 6 inches of snow for 6 hours.. was for me to wear my probs are mainly upper body and extreme fatigue ............ obviously the rheumys have never come across this very simple solution (wearing uggs)...otherwise we would all be pain free!! And uggs would be on prescription.
    It is beginning to depress me having to say....I cant do that!....I cant do that either!.....but it making no impact or generating any empathy what so ever!............but when they have a cold........boy do they lay it on thick!
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    I've worked it out!, it's simple!!!, he's a fecking great big &%$^G&H)(_&^& who's a slimey back stabbing two faced [Text deleted]
    who needs to have the s&%t kicked out of him,I tell you this, if and when I go, if I ever meet him on the street I will land one on him without hesitation that is a promiss. right me spleen has deflated for a bit!.

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    I have similar problems at work, I work for a very small company - there are only four of us - inc the MD. The main problem with people is that you can not see the disability so you look ok and therefore in their eyes you are ok and there cant possibly be anything wrong with you!!
    I have told my colleagues about my OA etc, however being the only female in the company, I am still expected to do everything that I did before - including putting stock together for jobs ( stock being nuts bolts and other kinds of hardware which is heavy). I try not to take much time off but when I do it may be for a day or two, my MD asks me if I am 'better' as though I have been swinging the lead..........
    Today, there has only been me and the MD in - Luckily I finish at 1pm so its only half a day for me on a Thursday, as soon as I got into the office he asked me to tidy around a bit as he had some visitors due at 9.45am- I wandered why he was in before me until he said that - its a pity that he could not do it himself!!!! lol
    This is what I mean, they forget that you have anything wrong with you simply because it is not visible!!!!!!!!!!!! mores the pity.........
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    I have a bosswho is similar, I struggle at times with my OA at work - can't grip the same loads I used to, but I have yet to say outright I can't do something, although I do try to dodge the jobs I know I'll struggle with. Yet one of my other colleagues was described yesterday by the supervisor "as slower than a week in jail" ... an gets away with! I don't know if any of them realise just how sore I am at times, especially when I get home! So far my arther hasn't caused me to lose any time at work, but I'm deading the day it does! Case in point: Eighteen months or so ago I phoned in sick with an eye infection, and was pressured into coming into work. It's not fun driving with one eye closed over! All my workmates asked what was I doing at work! Admittedly he did ensure I saw a doctor ... I was late into work that day (for the only time in three years) and took a hour off to see the doc - and I did NOT consider for one moment making up the time!
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    Yeah same for me, the guy who replaced me on my unit just sits around feet up on his mobile and gets left alone they moan behind his back but that's it yet 3 days before my double knee op they were still sending me out on plant while he sat there although I was meant to be on light duties the company nurse had put me on the restriction yet I then had to go and see my GP at short notice to get a note from him as the manager wouldn't accept the company nurses restrictions. mad totally utterly mad.
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    My work collegues can be like that too....
    I printed loads of stuff on here and left it in staff room for them to read...I also make a point of telling them how my condition is in meetings...they usually go bright red and very quiet....
    You can always send sicknotes etc to HR...who can contact your Manager for you.......Good luck....x