Peeling of skin off fingers

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has anyone any experience of this with their children?
For the second time since April, my daughter's finger pads have peeled off their skin, quite deeply.
There is no blistering or itching, I am wondering if its connected to her Jia.
We are at Gosh in the morning for her 3rd Infusion, so will be able to show them there, but any ideas til then ??



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    Hi Peter,

    We got on well thanks, had quite alot to report from the last month, so was pleased when Snr nurse happened to find consultant wandering about....

    The general concensus was that the peeling is due to a Streptococcal infection (commonly sore throats) in the last 1-3 weeks, which Emma did have. They took some further bloods while the cannula was still in, just to check for anything else ? what.

    We are back for clinic and infusion on 5 august , so will find out a bit more then,

    Best wishes,