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:grin: Hi new to all this, I am 43 female with oa in my knees, defintely need a knee replacement in my left one and most probably my right knee as well(hospitial could only be bothered to xray one) but i have similar symptons in the right knee as well.

Saw a specialist June 2010 who said i could have the op, but when i went back to see him again in the September got told i cant have it as my bmi as to high (new hospitial trust rules). So since then been trying to bring my weight down, which can be quite hard when it painful to do any kind of exercise.

I am down to the required bmi now (just) but putting the op of for now just to see how much i can lose and hopefully the knees will be more bearable so i dont need an op at all. :grin:


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    Welcome to the forum, daveangie, and congratulations on getting your weight and BMI down. It seems a lot of hospitals have this rule now. Surgeons do like to protect their craftsmanship

    Although you'll now be putting less strain on the knees, either real or artificial, I don't know if that will enable you to avoid the op altogether. Damage done is damage done but you may well feel more comfortable now. Personally there's no way I'd swop my new(ish) knees for my originals but everyone's different.

    I hope you'll enjoy being with us. We're a friendly bunch so just dip in and add to any thread. All the best.
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    Hi daveangie
    I do feel for you, with me its mainly my hips that need replacing, but one knee is iffy...and like you I have been told to get a couple of stones off...oops showing my age there...stones.. :lol:
    Anyway I do wish you well with it all, and I do hope you stay with us.
    Sorry I didnt say welcome.. :roll:
    You take care.