Carpal Bossing - Possible arthritis

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I've been diagnosed with carpal bossing on my left hand. I'm due to see a hand specialist next month to discuss surgery as I am in pretty constant pain from it at the moment. I've been doing a bit of research on the net and it has often been written that carpal bossing is a sign of osteoarthritis.

I was wondering if (if this is correct) it is likely that surgery will 'cure' the problem, or whether the arthritis will return? I use my hands frequently for work and although it is my non-writing hand affected at the moment, my right hand is showing signs of a carpal boss.

Just feeling a bit out of my depth as I thought (foolishly) that only older people got arthritis and I don't know who to talk to as my friends don't seem to appreciate that it's difficult for me to do things when I am in pain.


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    Hi Betsy

    I'm sorry to hear it is so painful for you, however it is a good thing you will soon see a hand specialist as this is the person who will be able to answer your questions better than we can. In the mean time if it is very painful you could try rubbing on some anti inflammatory gel or speak to your GP about other pain control if it is really bad and stops you doing things.

    When you do see the hand specialist please make sure you tell them every single symptom you have been having, as sometimes these things can be mistaken for ganglions which are not usually painful. But do make sure they are aware of the level of pain it is causing you.

    If you would like to speak to us before your appointment feel free to give us a call.

    Best wishes

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