Long term sick and redundency?

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Does or can being on half pay due to long term sick effect final redundency payments????


  • lululu
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    I have known a firm to dissmiss someone on grounds of incapacity when on long term sick just before the place closed - therefore no redundancy was given. It really depends on the company.
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    Not sure really..
    Should be outlined in your long term sickness policy..
    Maybe ring up HR or pension and ask them..
    You going for ill health retirement??
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    I'll health retirment I would take with both hands but this place shuts in a year or so, I tick all the boxes for it but company Doctor wont OK it so I'm stuffed, and union wont do anything either it's crap really, the union rep is on the pension board says I am a prime candidate but as I say wont do anything he wants HR to force it through they have asked the doc twice as far as I know but still bugger all happening, to top it all I came back from sick the other day only to have my old line manager pull me into the office and carpet me for being in the main control room although I am up here all the time, I'd only been in 2 hours god knows what's going on?..
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    Redundancy payments are calculated on the wages that you are receiving at the time that you are made redundant.