TNF treatment for RA - Enbrel with Methatraxate

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Dear Helpline Team,

I have been having a tough time recently with my RA (diagnosed 07). TNF treatment with Enbrel was my lifeline and worked well for me during the last 4 years. This year it has been much less effective and rather than being in remission I am now in a flare up period. Does your body get used to the same treatment and work its way around it...what do you think?

I cannot work currently and can hardly walk. I was put on Cimzia TNF to see if that might work, it hasn't and I have had skin reactions due to it I believe , so I am now on 20mg Predislone daily to keep the wolf from the door, it does that... but I am still struggling with the horrid systemic feeling throughout my body (aches, pains and flu like symptoms)

I recognise the Predsilone is not something I can keep taking and am thinking of going back to Enbrel seeing as it worked in the past so well. I have never took Methatraxate by injection (only tabs that never worked when 1st diagnosed) with Enbrel but some experts suggest this can make a big difference as it works alongside the TNF...what do you say? I think I am resisting the Meth injections because its just another strong Med that I would rather not have in me!

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    Hi Cornishman,

    I appreciate this must be a very difficult time right now. If the rheumatology people tried you on a different anti tnf then they may be unlikely to go back to an earlier one, when there are lots of others they might try first. The major difference is methotrexate (mtx) which helps all the anti tnfs work better, so they might suggest trying mtx if you tolerate it ok.

    If you are wondering about all of this it may be timely to get in touch with the rheumatology nurse and find out whether they can see you and talk over the options.

    It is the case that some people find that they need to change from their original anti tnf after a period of time. No one can predict how long each person may find one drug helpful yet - different immune systems react differently.

    The key messsage seems to be that uncontrolled arthritis is much more damaging than the short term risks of drug side effects (short term because any major side effect and you'd be stopped on a drug that you didn't tolerate well.)

    If you private message us your full name and postal address we can send you some articles about biological treatments if you would like.

    If you would like to talk about how you are feeling, then do remember that you are very welcome to ring us.

    all the best

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