My son.

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My beautiful 21 year old son has been battling RA for 6 years. How do other mums cope? I'm struggling.


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    I'm so sorry, pollyj. I have two adult sons, both of whom are, thankfully, very healthy. It must be very difficult to have to watch yours go through this. It's always easier to undergo something ouselves than having to watch our children do it.

    How is your son coping? Are his meds controlling the disease? Does he live with you?

    I hope some other parent with an arthritic child will get back to you soon. Meanwhile, if you read the other threads on this page you'll get some feeling for how they all cope.
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    hi pollyj,

    sorry to hear about your son.
    my son tom is 14 on monday and was diagnosed july 2010 and what a rollercoaster.
    I admire the children i have met who have this condition as they are nothing but stoic with amazing coping mechanisms. I think this is how i cope, if tom can manage day to day life with little complaint then i feel humbled and try to follow suit. easier said than done some days, as a mum, it is our role to protect, how can we protect them from this?? very hard and challenging. i run a group and we refer to this as a journey, it has ups and downs, never predictive and always challenging. But, i truly believe in the old saying what doesnt kill you makes you stronger.
    use this forum for support and let off steam, people are friendly and show much empathy, i find it a great outlet.
    i hope things improve for your son, there are no miracle cures and medical research is ongoing.
    My aim is to support tom and raise awareness of the condition, more people that are aware the more support families get.
    i hope things get easier for you.
    keep in touch with the forum, cry if you need to and smile when things are good.
    c xx