better days

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My last post was moaning about having a bad day. I just want to balance that up by saying that today is one of my better ones. The pain is at a minimum and I have managed to do a few tasks around the house without too many problems. I even managed to have a shower without having to have someone on stand by. Thank heavens for the good days. :-D


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    Hi Keldi,
    Its nice to get positve posts.....but dont do what a lot of us do {me anyway :oops: } think Oh I feel much better.....lets do a lot of things :grin:
    Just take it easy and enjoy the good days.

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    Hi Keldi

    yey.... I am so pleased that today you managed to do a few things and are feeling much brighter.

    I hope this feeling continues for you :grin:

    Take care
    Juliepf x