Waiting game to see what happens now!

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Hi all,

Just need to let off a bit of steam :oops: , frusteration, fear whatever!!!!

After an appointment with the Anti TNF nurse this morning and explaining about the damage to my eyes (in earlier post) that it turns out NSDAD have caused I have now got to wait for her to speak to the consultant in the morning to see what happen now. Will be able to stay on Enbrel but not sure about Naproxen etc, so worried as my quality of life will go down no end. Why does this crap disease have to be so nasty on such a regular basis, it never gives me a break and is so frusterating and scary!!

Sorry all moan over, just feels better when I sit and HIT the keys on the keypad to get it all out (he he). xxxx :grin:


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    Hi Ankysond

    Glad you hit those keys and now feel better for doing so.

    I am sure that the consultants will be able to find another med to replace the naproxen (if needed) and the one they chose will not let your quality of life deteriorate. Keep thinking positive thoughts. I send you some of my positive vibes to help you.

    Take care
    Juliepf x
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    Hi, I am unable to take nsaids due to kidney disease. I really missed naproxen to start with, but I have adjusted. When things get really bad I am allowed to take naproxen for a week, but no longer.

    There are other options, but I just wanted to let you know it will be ok.

    Lets hope the consultant comes up with a good paln for you!
  • Ankyspond
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    Julie - thanks for your support and positive words will wait and see what happens tomorrow. X

    Suzy girl - again thank you it's so nice to know somebody has been there and come through the other end, will see what they say. X
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    I know it's not fair that we are stuck with this stupid illness, there are nasty people out there in the world who deserve it much more than us honest hardworking folk do, but as they say that which doesn't kill us can only make us stronger (although I don't always believe this myself!).

    Take care.

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    Hi Anky,

    I am sorry your having more grief. It seems endless sometimes doesn't it?

    I hope they will get on and help your eyes while they decide if you stay on the drugs or not and think they can counter balance it actually....

    The naproxen isn't good for me.... I gone back on diclos now as the anti inflammatory cus they know i don't have an ulcer and they are safer than some other things....... I hope you have a good stomach drug there as well flower?

    I really do hope they will hurry up and help you to keep the condition under control without the eyes being compromised and wish i could help. Hang in there ((( ))) Cris x
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    Hi, So sorry to hear about the effect the NSAIDs are having on your eyes. Having AS is bad enough without the collateral damage caused by the medication. I hope the rheumy nurse can find an alternative for you.

    With AS there are periods when it just feels like one thing after another. I know there have times when I couldn´t see an end in sight to particular problem. But eventually things improved - until the next time !

    All the best - hope things are working out for you.

  • Ankyspond
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    Thank you all for your continued support, I am back at the hospital on Thurs as having to go back on Methotrexate as well as Enbrel and discussing the eye situation then!!!!!

    Pherstun, you are right its not fair but I suppose its what we have and have to deal with it, I am not so sure about it making you stronger either. Thanks for the support xx

    Cris, it does seem endless to be honest, every week seems to hold something else nasty. Now they putting me back on Methotrexate with the Enbrel - aaaarrggh!! But still havent decided about the Naproxen until I get back to hopital on Thurs. Thanks for your kind words though. xx

    Tim, thanks for you support again as well all know you are right one thing tends to lead to another but the eyes do scare me to be honest hopefully will get sorted soon. xx