enbrel advice please

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hi everyone, hope the suns shining where ever you are today!

so joyous openg over, lets get down to business....

my boy tom, (14 on monday eeek im getting old lol) is to commence enbrel, 50mg per week via one injection, he is no longer to take mtx as it makes him very ill. so, this all sounds good so far, except, his bloods are showing inflammation still and his feet are sore.
as you can imagine when i googled this wonderful anti-tnf drug i grew alarmed, yes i know all drugs have side effects, but this is my boy and i am saying the doctors know what there doing, it should help. Am i lying?? or am i worrying for nothing??

so, my main question is those of you lovely people that are on enbrel, do you have any side effects?? how was arthur when you were waiting for it to work??
frightened he is going to end up in more pain due to no mtx and potentially 12 weeks for this drug to take effect.... bloody nora!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, thanks for reading
c xx


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    Hi Lare,
    Please let me reassure you that I'm on enbrel and so far so good :grin: no side effects and unlike my experience with Humira no reaction :grin:
    All in all I'm pleased I'm on it, I did have a bad flare recently but it didn't last as long as it normally does and I've picked up very quickly.
    I totally understand your fears for your son, I'm a Mum to three teenage lads, 17,15 and 13 myself and can empathise with your fears but, in my experience Enbrel has been fine to administer, and no side effects.
    I wish your son and you well, all the best X
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    Evening Lare (and Poppy).

    I am so sorry your son is struggling so much and I really hope that the Enbrel helps him. Enbrel is the one anti-tnf I haven't had so I can't help you on the side effects front, but I can tell you that both the anti-tnfs I took worked really well for my RA. If he is really struggling whilst he is waiting for it to "do its stuff" do talk to the hospital because they may be able to suggest something (for example a steroid injection) to see if that helps to tide him over. I was told recently that it takes a while for the meth to get out of your system so it's not like just stopping a short acting drug. I think there are quite a few forum members on Enbrel so I am sure you will get some more replies. I really do hope your son gets as much benefit as I did from the anti-tnfs.

    Tilly xxx
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    I have been on Enbrel since November and like you even though it was for me not my child I was horrified at the list of side effects but had to weigh up the quality of life I had against using Enbrel.

    Before starting i never thought I would inject myself, do it like second nature now! Now before starting it my back pain score (I have AS) was 90+ within the first three months it went down to 0.5, yep you read that right! It has given me part of my life back I manage to sleep and although I am still having major problems with my perifial joints it has been brill for me.

    Now the side effects, I am pleased to say that apart from sometimes feeling tired (but that could be the AS) and the odd sore throat I have had nothing to worry about. Been for check up today and bloods all ok and now been on it for 9 months. You have to be careful to stay away from infection cos of lower immune system but I teach in secondary school and apart from one chest infection in December all been good.

    Hope this helps and if I can help in any other way please let me know, don't read too much on Internet not always accurate (I teach ICT, sorry). Good luck. Xx. :smile:
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    I've been on Enbrel for about 8 years now and not had any side effects. I seem to remember it started working within a few weeks for me but it was a while ago now.
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    I've taken enbrel. It did very little for the arthritis but made up for that by having a go at other things. What works for one may not suit another and vice versa. Side effects have to be listed but are not guaranteed, bear that in mind too. I know that poor old Tom (or poor young Tom!) has had a dreadful struggle with the meth so let's hope that this is the better option for him. One of the most important things about the constant monitoring is that any problems can be detected early and dealt with quickly: they were in my case. I wish him (and you) well. It's lovely to see your name cropping up here and there, stick with us girl, we'll see you right. DD
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    I am not on embrel but I wish your son (a happy birthday for monday) good luck with the medication and hope that it works for him.

    juliepf x
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    thank you for all your replies, i love this forum, frank, honest and supportive. better than any of the rubbisg google pops up, !!

    tom has been out this evening with friends to the cinema and nandos, love seeing him enjoying himself doing the normal stuff.
    think his smile is a bit broader today after telling him no more mtx!

    onwards and hopefully upwards!!!

    cheers guys xx
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    Just to add when I started Enbrel the difference only took about a week!

    Great to hear he happier just how sixteen year olds should be. X
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    ooooh ank, your making me older than i am!! lol
    he 13, 14 on monday...... him being 16 makes me 40 :shock:

    i have a 15 year old and a one year also :grin: