form phobia

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I no longer feel confidant in filling out the dla forms etc. I also get nervous if i see one of those brown envelopes. I was so confidant before i know i won my tribal but i have lost faith and confidence in the whole system.
I have asked someone to phone from dla to help fill in the form. I could have asked hubby but i get so tense and angry with this form that it would cause a problem. I told the lady on the form how i felt and they are pleased to get someone to call.pathetic arnt i.


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    When I did mine I paid to join benefits and work to get help to fill out the form it was about £15 I think, have put the link below:

    It said answer the questions in three stages but can't remember how, it took us weeks to fill it out by me and hubby did it but worth it. X
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    Hi Joanne,

    First really nice to see you! :grin:

    I get some cross these idiots make folks feel like this..... You mustn't let them do it. You remember all the building blocks you have? Maybe you can use them to help face the forms as well?

    Glad they are doing it with you though cus they can see how bad THEY have made you!!

    I am so sorry your feeling this bad cus of the way they have treated you.

    i wish I had some advice but just know I shall be in your pocket when they ring and you are not alone.

    Leaving you a ((((( ))))) and i hope they will just leave you alone after this. Love Cris xx

    oh how are your chicks doing? mine are this big now and almost ready to come out of the cages.... well one already is but the rest are smaller trees or a bit younger.

    Got a duck and a chicken sitting on a ton of eggs.... will have to do some sorting out I think..... might be 14/15 there and with the 2 of them quite a few might hatch.....

    Be a bit of a hodgepodge though.... part maran/sussex cockerels and some ex batteries, cream legbars, assortment of part marans and an assortment of possible ducks... I really do have to do some sorting..... :lol:

    You hang in there flowr and thinking of you.
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    Forms are daunting for all of us, suncatcher. I am sure that you have done exactly the right thing in asking for help from an 'outsider' - our relationships have enough pressures without finding another way to fall out with partners/husbands. I know the CAB help with these things too, tho getting to see them can be a struggle. I wish you well. DD
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    If it helps Joanne I am exactly the same. My problem stems from my divorce when I got numerous nasty letters, stressful letters and unfair, untruthful letters dropping through my door on a daily basis. For many years I could not bear the sound of a letter dropping on the mat. I now dread receiving replies to any forms I filled in. My hands shake. My last DLA reply came so early-a few weeks- that I thought it was only a request for more info so opened it happily, to be told I had been awarded MRC and HMC.
    It is a little easier now but still makes me feel quesy.

    I do know how you feel. It makes you feel fraudelent as if you are making things up and It is frustrating that nobody believes you.

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    Hi Joanne
    You certainly arnt pathetic, I am the same I have a real phobia of forms, to be honest I bet a lot of people do, and another thing I hate are brown envelopes...not just down to bills :roll: but hospital appointments...
    I do wish you luck with it.