Posture Brace

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I want to buy a posture brace but the ones i have tried before hurt / cut under the arms

Is there one or a soution


  • julie47
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    Hi lotsofpain

    Sorry I can not recommend a posture brace as I haven't got one, but, rather than waste any more money could your ot department perhaps help?

    Hope you find a suitable one soon
    Juliepf x
  • constable
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    I agree with Julie. Why don't you contact the OT dep. I remember when I had to wear,well it was like a corsett I got it through the hospital. So, try your hospital first, they will measure you properly as well for maximum comfort.

    Karen xx
  • dreamdaisy
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    It sounds like a good idea but I reckon it is one of those things that is better done professionally so yes, contact your OT department so they can advise you on a) whether it is actually a good idea for you and if so b) can measure you properly and have one custom-made to your shape and size. The most dread phrase in the English language is 'One size fits all.' No, it bloody doesn't. DD