Possible Secondary Arthritis

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Hi All,

I'm new and looking for some help.

I have broken both of my wrists, one particularly badly, in the past and now I am prone to a dull ache and general restlessness in my hands. It affects the outer edge more so than the index finger thumb area.

Does this sound like arthritis? Obviously I'm concerned and being 24 I have a worry of being laughed out of my GP's office.

Any advice or suggestions are welcome.


Sarah x


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    Hi Sarah,

    Welcome to the forum but I'm sorry you had to find your way here.

    You ask "Does it sound like arthritis?" but, honestly, none of us are qualified to say. It could be but it could just as easily be something else.

    One thing I would say is that, if your GP laughs you out of his office, you should change your GP. Arthritis is no respecter of age as you'll see if you look at the forums for parents and for young people. It's possible to get it much younger than 24. I did. But that doesn't mean to say you have.

    I think you should let the professionals deal with this but, hopefully, they'll take it seriously. You need an answer one way or another and you are being very sensible by looking for one.

    I hope what you have is something that can be dealt with and cured easily but it definitely needs sorting. I hope it goes well for you.
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    Hi Sarah

    I am sure your gp will take what you are saying seriously. Why shouldn't he? You present him with the facts and I would have thought he would send you for an xray, offer medication to you and perhaps refer you for a course of phyio. If you are wondering if it could be arthritis you can ask him. It is not only the elderly that develop arthritis and arthritis can set in after injury, so to me it is a sensible question to be asking. I hope you get a diagnosis soon so something can be done to help.

    Elna x
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    Thank you for your advice Stickywicket and Elna. It's greatly appreciated. I'll get down to the GP.

    Best Wishes

    Sarah x
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    Hi Sarah, how are things? Did you make it to the doc and if so, what did he say? Osteo arthritis can result after injury so no way should he laugh - sadly you are not too young for it at all. I hope all is as well as it can be. DD
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