my new wrist is famous

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seeing the main consultant for my foot op about my ongoing infection,he noticed my wrist scar and asked what had happened there, when I told him that it was a TWR he must have thought it was Christmas lol, he was so excited and asked me questions , so I said look at the Xray its on file on the computer , he was so excited by this xray talking about no cement being used etc and then said I can see you have numerous finger problems and your thumb is bad which i knew anyway, he asked if he could use the xray to show to other DRs and to keep in his file for the future, I was the first one he had ever seen and was excited that I actually lived on the island where he works , the nurse with me was in hysterics at my face and his excitment , gopt my 6 month check up on 11th august so should be interesting,


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    bless him must have thought all his chrismass have come at once hope you let him or your treatment will go down the pan lol
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    yes I told him he can do what he wants with my info about my TWR if it helps others thats great news, still makes me smile that he was excited about my little wrist lol
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    Hi Lavender Lady,
    It is nice when you can give so much help to the ones who are going to follow you. Your doctor will be able to share your results with colleagues and reassure some of their patients. So well done you for allowing him to see the x-rays and notes.
    How are things with you anyway? I know there was such a lot going on for you.
    Lv, I x
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    thankyou for that, if anything can be learnt by my treatment why not let them use it, it can only do good,
    you might have read after spending weeks on a/b's an x ray yesterday showed the metal plate has snapped and the 2 ends of the bones have not fused so am now in a lovely purple cast, see him again on friday where I expect to be told got to have it redone and soon, I am surprised to find the plate had snapped though, the long screw is still in one half of the bone so the cast is to keep that steady I believe,
    trying to find any details on the plate snapping but cannot find anything about it , mums on tablets for her dementia which is helping a bit,
    now the prozac has kicked in am feeling more mellow lol :)
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    What can I say but wow. We have a star in our midst!! You will be expecting the red carpet treatment soon LOL

    Sorry to hear that you are in a cast waiting for something to be done. I would have thought that the plates they use for operations would be a bit more stable than that. I suppose that there are weaknesses in all metal at some point and you must have had that bit.

    I hope things are sorted out soon for you