Anyone had hip revision after hip resurface failure

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Hi all,
Nearly time for my revision operation, only about 5 weeks, just got the ultrasound to go for now.
What I was wondering is :-
Is a hip revision operation any worse than the original operation re the recovery timescale/ pain etc. :?:
It says in the booklet the hospital gave me 4 days in hospital after- that seems pretty quick to me
Any help appreciated


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    Hi daylilly
    Sorry I cant help , but I just want to wish you well with it all, I hope someone's comes along very soon that can give some advice.
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    Hi Daylily,

    I haven't had a revision - but when researching THR v resurfacing - one of the benefits advocated was that having a THR after a resurface is as straightforward as a first time THR. (Whereas a revision of a THR is more complex and often less successful than the first op.)

    How long you stay in hospital for, depends on whether you have someone at home to care/help you after the op. I had to stay in longer as I had no one who could.