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Firstly, for those of you who are not Scottish and dont know what a Sooky Cover is. Its a blanket with satin edges that a baby/small child uses as a comforter instead of sucking their thumb or a dummy etc.

When I was young I had a Sooky Cover and I took it everywhere and loved it so much. To be honest I only stopped using it when I was around 7 or 8 years old as I really didnt want to give it up. At 13 years old I was diagnosed with a rare bone condition which causes severe and premature osteoarthritis in all my joints with my hips being the most severly affected. At the time of diagnosis the doctors told my parents that I would need to have hip replacements done around the age of 30. My Dad, who has sadly passed away, told my Mum back then that if I ever went for the operation then I would need my Sooky Cover for comfort even though I was an adult. I am now 38 years old and am having surgery to replace both my hips on Friday. I had a family lunch today with my Mum, sister and a few others as a bit of a get together before I go into hospital. My Mum handed me a parcel and said it was from my Dad to help me through my operation. I opened the parcel and inside was a Sooky Cover from my Dad........................................


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    made my eyes fill up just reading this such a lovely thing to do for you val
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    Oh weejean, that's a lovely story. Now you have absolutely nothing to fear from this op. You have your Dad and your sooky cover to help out.

    (What a cracking name! I love it.)
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    OMG I am sat here in tears reading t.hat beautiful story, what an amazing dad! You will know he is with you when you ave the op, god luck let us know how you get on. Xx
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    I have just read your story to my husband and we are both sat here with tears in our eyes.

    Your dad is a very special person and for your mum to have remembered too makes her just as special.

    Just know that your dad will be with you watching over the operation, looking after you and you will have your sooky cover there with you for that slightly more physical feeling of support.

    I hope everything goes well for you and that you are soon on the road to recovery
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    Hi Jean,
    Aren't dads wonderful.......they always think about things like that or their daughter is now 30 but is still daddys blue eyed girl :lol:
    Well like someone said....nothing to fear now from the op....just think about your dad and how he was thinking about you....That was a lovely gesture

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    thanks so beautful, good luck for your forthcoming surgery, xxxx sooky thats so cute never heard it before xx
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    My husbands a scot from glasgow and my daughter-in-law is from perth so i knew what a sooky cover was ,good luck with your op will be thinking of you.Mig
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    That's beautiful, I read it to my husband as well.

    Your dad will definitely be with you, as well as your Sooky Cover!


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    Hi Jean,

    What a magic story. Your dad will keep an eye on you friday as well.

    Really hope it goes well and make sure you do have big pockets. Got everything crossed for you. Cris x
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    Hi Jean

    That was such a moving story about your Dad and the sooky cover. I'm sure that it will give you a great deal of comfort and courage to face your operation. Good luck, and I hope that you will make a very speedy recovery.

    Joan :grin:
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    Oh Jean that was moving to read.

    My son had one of those when he was a baby
    satin edged, he used to rub his forehead on it,
    and I had to stick it out of the window to cool the
    satin down, :roll:
    but I never knew it was called that, in my neck of
    the woods it was a comfort blanket, but thanks for
    letting us know.

    Good luck and best wishes.
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    Jean what a lovely story, it did make me have got the best comforta any one could have....your lovely dad will be watching over you...I just know it....and dont forget we are all coming with you....we can be really good when we only you will know we are there
    I will be thinking about you, and I bet you are so glad you joined us....I know I was when I joined.. :grin:
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    Oh Jean, that is so lovely. What a great thing for your mum to give you. Your dad will be watching over you on Friday. We call them comfort blankets in this area but a do like the Sooky Cover name it sounds just right.

    When my dad died my brother and I cleared the flat and when I was going through some paperwork in the sideboard draw there was a little note saying ‘I think you will needing a hug just about now’ love Dad.
    Still gets to me even after all these years.

    Lv, I x
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    Great big thanks and hugs to you all :) I just had to share this story with you as it means so much to me. I am so grateful for your support as you all understand how I am feeling just now. My Dad was an amazing man and I love him so very much. I get comfort from the thought that he will be with me and watching over me during my surgery.

    Ironic, what a wonderful thing for your Dad to leave for you and your brother, it really reminds us of just how well our parents know us.
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    Hi Jean

    What a lovely and very moving story, I confess the sookey cover drew me in to look at this thread I had not heard the expression. I had to smile at your story because my niece who has not been here for 8 years came to stay recently and although she is now 23 and studying medicine she still has her original and well worn comfort blanket to sleep! :grin:
    I hope it gives you the comfort your Dad intended and that all goes well for you on Friday. I will be thinking of you and add to the blessings your Dad and the others here wish for a good recovery.
    God bless

    We must be psychic Jean you have just posted, yes Ironics story was lovely too, those little touches can mean so very much. I found in my own fathers things some letters I had written years earlier which he had clearly treasured. Kinda chokes you up but in a nice way.
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    Chris, we go through our lives as adults not realising that our Parents look at us and still see children. My son is 18 and I am beginning to understand how my Mum and Dad must have felt as I grew up. I look at my son and I still see my baby and I dont think I will ever get used to the idea that he is an adult. It is so special that your Dad kept your letters and I am sitting here with tears running down my face, not because I am sad but because your Dad loved you so much and treasured the simple things that dont cost a penny but are priceless. Thanks for sharing this memory with me :)