Enteric coated sulphasalazine

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Good morning

When I collected my repeat prescription for sulphasalazine tablets the other day, the pharmacist asked why I had not been prescribed the enteric coated ones. She said it is very rare for GPs to prescribe the non-coated ones (which mine are). I said I have absolutely no idea! She advised me to get them changed as the enteric coated ones are easier on the stomach.

Now, given that I have suffered stomach probs in the past which mean I can no longer take NSAIDS, I am wondering why my GP has chosen to prescribe the non-coated suphas??!!

I am going to get them changed as I don't want to risk any more tummy probs as I have had my fill. Just wondering what your experiences have been with sulphasalazine tablets....

Do you have the enteric coated ones? Is there a reason?

Do you have the non-coated ones? Why?

Does it matter???

Thank you for any help & personal experience you can share x


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    Hello Sugarbuttie

    I was always prescribed the ones which look like orange horse pills :shock: which I think are the coated ones. I think you are right to get them changed, specially since you have already had stomach problems. Cynic that I am, I suspect that the coated ones are more expensive and with GPs watching their budgets carefully these days.... I know that my health authority is trying to avoid prescribing coated steroid pills for the same reason...

    Hope you manage to get them changed without any probs.

    Tilly xxx
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    Hi SB,

    Good to see you again.

    The en coated ones are better for your digestion every time... but... they do cost a little more so thats why most of us didn't or don't get them.

    I agree with the chemist be honest..... they are better for you and if you ask them they should be able to change them for you.

    Does it matter? I think with the problems you have had it might be better for you to have them and I know in my case had they been kinder to me with the meds I might not have a s many problems as I now have but a lot of that was also the mtx tablets... also not en coated.....

    Fingers crossed it will work for you and they will take care of your digestion as well. Cris x