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I am new to all this. I have osteroarthritis in my shoulder, have had the op (forgotten the name, but camera in the shoulder with keyhole and a general clean up of the shoulder). In my second week and the pain has got sooooo much worse, last week my first appointment with the physio and she was shocked at how well I was doing. Dont think I have done anything different this week and agony is the only way to describe it. I know I am sleeping terrible a couple of hours a night, that s all and think it is lessening my resiliance to the pain level. Any advice, I am taking diclofenic, parecetol, ibuprofen, but still in a lot of pain and by the evening I just dont know what to do with myself, and although I am exhausted I just cant sleep, as the physio said I MUST NOT sleep on my op shoulder side, but seem unable to sleep when not on that side!! Any ideas or advice would be gratefully received. Sorry about the rambling!! :oops:


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    Hi Lizzyear

    I can understand how lack of sleep and extreme pain is affecting you. It may be a good idea to ask your GP if he would prescribe something to help you sleep for a few days so that you can get some proper rest which would also help the recovery process and also some stronger pain killers if possible. Perhaps a mild sedative will do both? Do you have a reclining arm chair to help you get some rest but would stop you going onto your op shoulder?

    Best wishes


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