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Hi all

I just thought I would let you all know that I have finally received DSA equipment for my OU course. It is amazing the things that I have.

I have my new computer equipment including software, and lots of ergonomic equipment.

I had my first lot of training on it all today and I am really chuffed with it. I can now talk to the computer instead of typing which means that anything I want to put in writing is now spoken. If my arms are hurting or I am not feeling great I can get my computer to read my emails and lecture notes to me as well.

All my books will be scanned in or provided in PDF format so that I dont have to hold books anymore.

I have also got a digital recorder which I can use for lectures to save me writing everything down and my hands hurting more than normal.

Considering I am studying a course for at least 6 years I dont think i have done too bad. I would certainly recommend anyone who is studying further education and has a disability to look into this. It is called Disabled Students Allowance and it is a government run scheme. They tailor everything to your needs and provide you with all the equipment free of charge. All you have to do is continue the studying.


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    I didn't know you were studying with the OU, otherwise I would have recommended this too. I did the same last year and got the Dragon software, dictaphone, vertical mouse and book chair (looks a bit like a deck chair). I asked for my books to be sent to me bound so they lay flat on a table, and they have split the books into two parts so they aren't too heavy.

    For saying you get to keep all the equipment and don't pay anything, it's brilliant, isn't it??

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    It certainly is a godsend. I have got Dragon in German and English. Claroread, Microsoft Office Professional, an entire computer because I only had a laptop, I have got a proper office chair with all the right support. a foot rest, book rest which goes over my keyboard, a split keyboard which is correct for me and I have a mouse which fits in between the splits so I only have to use my thumbs if I use the mouse.

    I dont know where I would be without it.
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    That's fantastic, good luck with your studies. X
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    Wow this all sounds wonderful. Good luck with your studying xx
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    Nice one hun.

    Just hope I get as much luck as that with college :)

    What are you studying?
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    Hi Jaki

    Thats great isnt it?

    All that equipment sounds fab, good luck with your studies

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    Thanks Everyone. I will let you know how things go.

    Pamie: I am studying German, English and Maths, then I will probably do something like Psychology. Not sure where I am going with this but just doing something that interests me. With the OU I can do an Open degree which covers things I am interested in, which at the moment is the best option for me.
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    Niiice, I'll be doing alot of English/Communication stuff in my course, looking to buy a book on how to write brilliant essays (even though I can talk for Scotland)
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    Bumped up for a newbie. DD
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    Thanks for posting - I just asked about this in in the young people bit & they kindly referred me to your post.

    I withdrew from my f/t course as it would have been to intense for me at the mo due to young family etc but am waiting to see if I get on the pt course.

    Somebody told me I should apply for the dsa if I get a place. Just wondered what sort of note you need from the dr/specialist? & what happens when you have your assessment. Sounds like it would be such a help as I only have to do a bit of writing & I ache!!

    Also, how does the bound book thing work? Where do you get them from and are they for set texts only?

    Any advice appreciated & good luck with your course!
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    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to give my experience on applying for DSA. I am starting early childhood studies in septmeber and had JIA since I was 5. All I can say is I am so grateful the DSA is available. The equipment I have been given is amazing and I know when I start in september its all going to help so much.
    In regards to providing eviedence you have to send a letter from your gp or rheumy just to confirm your arthritis. The person I had my assesment with was really nice and she suggested things I wouldn't even been able to think of. But all the assessment involves is talking through with the accessor about how your arthritis effects you and equipment that has helped you in the past. Nothing to worry about though :)
    Sorry I have never heard of the book bound thing but hopefully someone else can help you with that.

    Best wishes :)
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    Hi Jaki,

    Good luck with the course!

    I was thinking of doing some studying of some sort to take my mind off the living hell :roll: That equipment sounds brilliant! I could do with that programme that types everything for you as i suffer terribly with my hands (and everywhere else :roll: ) 1 of the reasons i dont always post :sad:

    You get to keep all the equipment after study? Brilliant!
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    Sorry I have been offline for a while. I have just read the responses and I am sorry that I havent got back to you sooner.

    I get all my course books from the open university and they provide everything I need in the right format. I hope that you have managed to get yourself sorted.

    To any one who is studying - good luck to you all
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    Hey Jaki!

    was only thinking about you the other day....l hope you are doing ok.

    Love and Happy New Year

    Toni xx