What do I do next?

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Hi, after 10 months of going backwards and forwards to my doctor, and even longer of experiencing problems, I have finally been diagnosed with OA and carpal tunnel syndrome. I take paracetemol 4x daily and have been refered for physio as my knees and ankles are unstable. My first assessment appointment with the physio is in October - yes there is a 10 - 12 week waiting list. I continue to work as a veterinary receptionist and am very reluctant to give it up as I love my job and most days the pain is almost manageable. I do however get flare ups and on these occassions, I find even the simplest of tasks impossible.

My question is, what do I do now? Should I continue as I am or go back to my doctor for stronger pain relief? Rest or exercise? My GP has not suggested a follow up appointment. After my initial relief of being diagnosed and having someone believe that my symptoms were not in my head, I feel that I am in no man's land and do not know the best way forward. What do you suggest?


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    Have you only got paracetamol? I would go back and get something stronger. Personally I find paracetamol as good as a chocolate flower guard!
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    Sorry to hear your diagnosis but glad you got a final answer.

    I think you MUST asked to be referred to a rheumy to make sure you get the right medication you need. Remember that without the right meds and without doing what you should be doing you could be making it worse.

    My advise with any Arthur is rest when you need to, don't push yourself but live life to the full. X
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    Live, love and enjoy life, live each day as though it's your last!
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    Dear Keldi,

    Thank you for your posting to Helplines. Deciding what to do is a very personal thing. If you feel that your pain is not adequately controlled, it would seem reasonable to go back to the GP and say that.

    Lots of people are able to get further prescriptions to add onto the paracetamol to help with their pain, but it will depend on your medical history what's appropriate. Painkillers tend to work better when taken with the paracetamol - but it's key that the GP knows exactly what you might be taking.

    I wonder whether you'd like a chat about what's happening? If so please do ring us, or come back to us on here.

    Some jobs have quite a physical component - and dealing with animals may be tricky if your arthritis is flared up.

    Have you seen our information yet? If you'd like an information pack, just private message us your name and address or email them to helplines@arthritiscare.org.uk



    I hope that is helpful