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Hi all,

I'm new to this site! I'm Steph, 22 and have diagnosed for nearly 10 years now.

Like everyone else, I have my ups and downs. I have days when I take meds routinely, ignore pain and smile on through and then I have the days when I'm at an all time low and hate everything about the condition.

During my teens I went through really low stages with the classic, why me questions mixed with a whole lot of depression and anger. Now, I worry about the future and kids and my career etc...


Every now and then I get a bit tired of always reading about negatives. Not here but just everywhere! Negative side effects of drugs, how many different ones you have to take to counter act the side effects of others, people giving up on life and things they enjoy...True, we all need to think about them but it is so easy to get wrapped up in this negative spiral.

So, I want to celebrate some positives! And I want to hear all yours too. I want people to read this and smile and feel good about themselves and their condition and acknowledge the good with the bad.

I got through uni, just finished the most stressful teaching course and have a job as a teacher. I am over the moon!! I don't care right now that I will get every cold at school (check back in December when I will need cheering up! :) ) I've started to exercise more and I'm on new meds. I am living and hope you all are too!!!

Please tell me a happy story. Anything at all that you see as a small victory over this :)

It can be so hard to see the good through it all, I know that as much as the next person



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    What a great post and you are right it did make me smile.

    Well done you for getting your teaching degree and the new job, what age do you teach? I am a teacher in secondary and I am pretty good and MOT I'll much at all even being on the medication. There are lots of thongs I still do concerts, parties, cinema and lots if other stuff (on good days).

    I think you woukd get lots more posts if you copied this into 'living with arthritis' area, others woukd love to read such a positive post. Xx
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    Hi, thanks for the reply :)

    I'm also in secondary education teaching English, what subject do you teach?

    I'm a bit nervous about September at the moment, trying to get some level of prep done but not sure what to do really. It's a maternity cover to start with so I don't officially start until October so hoping that I will have all of Sept to do more prep in the school.

    I'm glad it made you smile, I just want to hear some goo things about the condition too :D

    Think I will repost it, thanks

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    I teach ICT, I have taught for the last 8 years going into my 9th. I went to always taught part time but then went full time and I found it too much so went back to teaching three days a week, I get mon and fri off so lovely long weekends! You will be fine teaching and September will give you valuable insight into what you need to do, it must be very exciting and a bit daunting ad well.

    Re post in other area and bet you will get lots if feedback. Xx
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    Hi, congrats on the new job! I am also new to this forum..

    I got diagnosed when I was 9 years old and I am now 18. Yes, I too have had many downs during the time I have lived with arthritis, not just due to the fact of the disease but also numerous other reasons including the passing away of my father. I used to sit in my bedroom 24/7 and just keep everything to myself all of the time. I knew I wasn't going to be able to live a 'normal' teenage life and that's what got to me the most.

    However.. One day I decided enough is enough and I should make use of my time in the house and not being able to move much, therefor decided to teach myself a few computer programming languages as well as HTML and CSS as I have always had a huge interest in computers. I now run an online business which is successful, providing a number of services including web design/development and iPhone/iPad/iPod application creation. I also am a successful freelance web designer/developer and work for myself which brings in some good money :P.

    I want to raise awareness of arthritis in young people as I don't think it is high enough. I have recently started a campaign on Facebook called Arthritis In Young People (A.I.Y.B); http://www.facebook.com/pages/Arthritis-In-Young-People/155389051208143
    and am currently in the process of developing a website for it to raise awareness of arthritis in young people and to help young people with arthritis.

    I am also in talks with National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society in being part of their new service which should be launched in Spring next year to raise awareness of arthritis in young people :)