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HI to everyone,
Ive been away from the forums for some time. I just couldnt get myself to log in.
Ive been busy with the kids and trying hard to get in shape so i can go to work. Nothing is working though. Just managing house and kids leaves me drained and worn out every day.
I had a letter from the ESA saying that i no longer need to send in sick notes and that i can choose if i want to attend any work related interviews with the job centre.
Im not entitled to any money from ESA. What help would these work related interviews be? when im not able to go back to the three jobs im off sick from.
Im quite confused.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Wishing you all well and have been thinking of you all.


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    Hi seamonkey, I'm afraid I cannot help at all as I have no experience of ESA or other such stuff. The forums are pretty quiet at the moment due to the weather and holidays, I hope someone with more knowledge than me spots this and can help. Take care. DD
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    thanks for replying. UP here the weather is cold windy and wet. Glad others have got it nice though.
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    Hi, I had to go through quite a lot to get my ESA, but I have it at the moment. Do you mean you applied and they refused you medically or that you didn't work enough hours to qualify? I was able to claim on my own behalf as I had worked and paid enough. Even so, my first medical was refused and it was the tribunal that awarded me it.

    As for the Job realted interviews, I was supposed to go, but they kept cancelling them or when I got to see someone, he had no idea what I was sent for. Basically I got nothing from them but a piece of paper signed to say I'd attended!
    Lots of people on here have been through the system since then, so I hope you get a helpful answer. Love Sue
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    i my name is lisa, ive just applied for esa and im waiting to here from them. I'm currently on the sick from work and only just been diaganosed
    with arthritus of the hip and right hand. so this is all new to me. ive been through alot of medical assesments with the occ-health and that was very stessful. ive been twice now and this time they believed tha i've got arthritus, it was realy hard going, i tell u!
    I will let you no how i get on with the esa ok.
    thanks lisa23 :|