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My GP has just diagnosed me as having osteoarthritis. I am 45, with about 8 months history of constant left knee pain, with some flexion restriction and stiffness when not moving, regular back and neck pain (extremely cricky neck with regular loss of mobility) which has got more severe and frequent in the last year, and regular pain and stiffness in other joints such as shoulders and those in the hand. Had blood taken to look for markers of inflammation, and fortunately came back negative. I've not had any other tests, can OA be diagnosed like this, by ruling out inflammatory or RA and the history and brief examination. I have had premenopausal symptoms for a number of years, in fact this was thought to be the reason for problems I experienced to conceive, and finally had a son 6 years ago after assisted insemination. For the past year my periods have practically disappeared. My GP does not seem to think that there is a need to take any special care or look into this, but I am slightly worried that I may be a bit young and also at risk of osteoporosis.
There is history of arthritis and severe scoliosis in my family, and I also have some scoliosis (detected in my teens, but not been followed up since). I would appreciate any comments or suggestions on whether I should be satisfied with the diagnosis and manage the pain with the anti-inflammatory I've been prescribed and (naproxen), or should I seek further advice or a second opinion.


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    Hi Miren,

    Thank you for your post to Helplines. We can't offer medical advice, so please take this as some ideas to mull over perhaps? It's entirely possible that an experienced GP can diagnose osteoarthritis in many cases without x-rays. But for your own peace of mind you may end up wanting more support and guidance. A good place to get initial support is from a physiotherapist - so you can see one privately or on the NHS.

    Some physios may end up requesting x-rays done if they think they are needed, and can write to GPs if further referrals seem needed.

    In any case early osteoarthritis benefits from self-management so do see what we have to offer

    and if you private message us your name and address we can post you a pack of our information too (or download our booklets from: http://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/PublicationsandResources/Listedbytype/Booklets

    If you'd like to talk about how things are going, or get some support please don't hesitate to ring us at Helplines.

    I hope that's helpful