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Any advice you can provide me with will be very appreciated.

I am 19 and have had various problems since about the age of 15, beginnig with an aching pain in both wrists, I have also developed a similar pain in my right ankle and knee. My big toe has locked into place several times lasting for a couple of weeks at a time and with no apparent cause, I also feel that there is tightness in my fingers and my thumb on the right side has limited movement.The effected joints also make an audiable cracking sound when moved.

The pain mostly comes and go's and for the most part is mild increasing to moderate from time to time and when the joints have been stressed e.g- with lots of walking.

Since the pain comes and go's and is mild I have not been overally concerned about visiting a doctor about it, but now that it is begining to affect more joints I am wondering if I should?
I do not think however that I have any visable swelling of the joints or that they are hot to touch.
Since returning from a holiday which had vast amounts of walking involved and I experienced increased pain in my knee and wrists I thought that I may be helpful to keep a diary of the pain to better help me undertsand any triggers, and then maybe visit a doctor to discuss the symptoms. Do you think that it is possible that I could have arthritis although no swelling is visable?

Thank you in advance


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    Sorry you having a bad time. I am not the help team just an arthritis sufferer but I think you should go to the doctors cos you shouldn't be in any kind of pain at your age. X
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    hi also not from help team but yes you should see gp you might not get quick answers as they like to see what going on but they can do blood tests to rule out things good luck and do keep pain diary you never know when you might need it and if gp does not help see another till you get answers you need val
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    Hi Nicola

    I am also not from the Help Team but I think you should definately make an appointment to speak to your GP. It sounds like you are in pain quite a bit and there is no point in putting up with it when you could be getting help to make you feel better. I hope you get everything sorted out soon so you can get on with being 19 and enjoying yourself.
    Big Hugs
    Jean xx
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    Hi Nicola

    Another member of the forum here. I, like the others feel that you should go and see your gp. It would be very useful to both you and a medic if you kept a diary on how you are feeling from day to day and detailing what is causing you discomfort and mention that you have recently returned from a walking holiday. You sound a very sensible person and I am sure your gp will take on board what you are saying and do whatever he thinks necessary to find out what is going on. You can say that you have not been to see him before because the pain/discomfort came and went but now it is affecting more joints.

    Do let us know how you go on,

    I wish you well,

    Elna x
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    Dear Nicole,

    Thank you for your post to Helplines. As lots of forum members have mentioned you are entitled to a medical opinion and support. How you may choose to access some support is up to you. You might choose to consult a physiotherapist or your GP.

    If you'd like an informal chat about the situation please ring our freephone, or you can private message us here too.

    I wonder whether you'd like to see some more information?
    You can email us with your name and address and we can post it to you (helplines@arthritiscare.org.uk) or see

    I hope that is helpful