Has anyone tried the finger stalls/supports please?

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Hi I am a completely new member and have just joined today, although I have been diagnosed with OA for approximately a year. I know it's very minor, but annoying all the same, I have recently developed a large 'node' that has appeared on the end joint of my smallest left finger and I am no longer able to straighten it. Having searched on line I have seen numerous finger 'stalls'/supports so I was wondering whether anyone has tried any of them and if so, are they any good? Or should I try something else?
I am not taking any medication and would rather hold off on that for as long as possible but my finger is very painful..
Any advice from members would be gratefully received.
Thank you!


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    hi i am not from help team just a poster but put this on living with arthritis you will get more replies not many look in here .
    i would also like to say welcome val
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    Hi Cindyb

    As Val said if it is people's experiences you want to hear about you will find more succes on the Living with Arthritis forum. Alternatively if you want professional advice it may be a good idea to speak to a good physio who specialises in hands as they would know the best type of support to use for your particular situation.

    Best Wishes

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    thank you both very much and apologies for adding this in on a general page - I guess it is my newness! Next time I have a query I will know where exactly to post it.

    Amazing to get such nice speedy replies anyway!
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    Hi - no worries - this is the right place to post if you want a reply from the Helplines - we check all the facts against reliable sources when people ask us questions. You can send us a private message [PM] too if you don't want your question read by everyone.
    Don't know about whether people don't often look at our Chat to Helplines forum - we certainly get a lot of views of the postings and our replies.
    You are always welcome to visit and to ask us questions.
    Helplines Team

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