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Well tomorrow I am officially finished from work, Part of me feels sad, but it has been two years now,& I know it was the right thing to do. This weekend must be the worsted weekend I've had for a long time, my Daughter Laura has been vomiting every hour or so since Saturday at 6pm we have tried every thing down to water & ice cubes, but she couldn't keep any thing down, I rang the out of hours doctor who faxed a prescription for anti sickness tablets through to our local pharmacy, but she carried on being sick, so rang back a few hours later, they asked if I could bring her down & I replied that I couldn't because she was to weak & still vomiting, they then asked if a neighbor could help bring her down, OH yes wait a minute & I will just go & knock on my 80 year old neighbors door :x Silly person, reluctantly they sent a doctor out, I had been sitting & lying with out sleep for forty hours the doctor explained it was two viruses she was unlucky to have, but didn't give her anything just said it would pass :roll: another 7 hours of her being sick & no sleep, I waited for my surgery to open, then rang them asking for another doctor to come out, he took one look at her gave her an injection & said if she carries on he would have to send her to hospital. Touch wood not been sick since :smile: & can keep water down, we are shattered :shock: where's my bed. xxx


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    Hello Sue,
    How is Laura now? I’m sure she is feeling very weak and dizzy bless her. They should have come out to her straight away.
    You must be feeling exhausted and the stress and worry would not have helped without the lack of sleep as well.
    It must be strange after two years of waiting to be finally finished. No, you couldn’t have carried on working but it still will have felt odd to see it in writing.
    I do hope you and Laura have managed to catch up on the lack of sleep and this weekend will be a more peaceful one for you.
    Gentle hugs,
    Lv, I x
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    Firstly, I hope your girl is feeling better. Secondly, I am so pleased to hear that you have finished working, that was an extra stress and pressure that was not helping you and I sincerely hope now that that has been removed you will start to feel so much better psychologically (at the very least). It must be a shock, if not a true blow, but let's hope it helps in a positive way, yes? Take care and keep in touch. DD
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    Hello, what a time you've had! It's frightening when children are really ill and doctors sound typical of some of the on call lot. As for you, well, you sound as if you need a good rest and loosing your job may well be a blessing in the long run. I was medically dismissed from the council and it seemed horrible at the time, but it was the best thing as I couldn't carry on being a care assistant with all the lifting and dashing around that has to be done. Think about that later, at the moment you must just need to rest and build up your strength, as well as your daughter. (()) Hugs and take care.

    A few years ago, now a friends little girl had a bad vomiting virus and the doctor refused to come out to her, so a friend drove her in. As she went to sit down with her little girl on her lap she was promptly sick all over the doctors desk!!! Well, he did ask to see her and refused to visit!

    Anyway, I hope your daughter is feeling a bit better now and that she's soon running around as if nothing ever happened.
    Lots of love to you both xxxx (((()))))Suexx