A Step Forward with GP Battle

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Hi guys n gals,

I know its been a while since I posted, but there hasnt been much worth posting til now.

I had an appointment with my gp this morning and have had some meds changed. They still havent confirmed my AS or PA but I have new tablets for muscle relaxation and a new anti-inflammatory.

I also have an appointment tomorrow for fasting bloods tomorrow as my bloods havent been done in a while. GP did say the indicators were in my blood last time but no one really noticed.

If the new tablets dont make much of a difference and the indicators still show raised inflammitory levels then I will finally get my referral, after the 8 year wait.

And for those of you who I spoke to before about all of the hassle, thanks for the advice. I looked up all the info i could find and took my mum who is a life long suffer.... I was well armed and the doctor didnt have a chance to palm me off this time so Thanks all!!!!