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Hi, I have just been diagnosed with inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis so very new as to how the complaint is managed. At present I have had a whole lot of X-rays and an armfull of blood taken, I see the consultant again in a fortnight to discuss medications. There is a problem with medication as I not only have MS but also take Warfarin.
I would be grateful to hear from anyone with the same problems as to what medication they take.


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    Hello muffy, it's nice to meet you. I cannot help as I don't have the same sorts of arthritis or the other conditions, but we are a knowledgeable bunch on here when it comes to the meds, treatments, side effects, doctors etc etc etc so don't be afraid to ask us any questions, OK? I wish you well. DD
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    hi have same arther but no other health issues but sure rhummy can help good luck val
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    Hi Muffy. I have recently been diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis and feel as though the bottom has fallen out of my world. I found this site last week and have, already found so much comfort from people's genuine good wishes, advice and just 'story' sharing of people who are so much further down the line than I am.

    Stay strong - Love from Janet
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    Hi Muffy and welcome. Sorry to hear you have such a complicated medical conditions. I do know people who take warfarin and mtx etc, and they manage. A lot of blood tests, and a nuisance but ok.

    I hope they get you started on some treatment soon.
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    Hi Muffy
    Welcome......I have OA not RA I do have a few other problems....epilepsy is one that I have to be careful about other drugs I take. I think I am right saying you cant have anti inflamms with warfarin?????????
    I'm sure we'll be able to help one way or the other.

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