Don't worry!

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I am old ok ok, I am 34 but I want to give a bit of happy hope for Juvenile Chronic peeps out there. I remember being a little 8 yr old who had to go up to the adult ward every weekend as they shut the childrens ward over weekends. I was so scared seeing so many people in wheelchairs looking so ill. Anyhoo that is not how it is or need be.

I got arthritis at 15 months old, I was at the time one of the youngest in Britain to have it, ooooo woooooo hooooo hahahaha. I had knee replacements at 16 years old and whilst they were waiting for my growth plates to close before doing my knee replacements I had to spend time in a dreaded wheelchair.....yuck! New knees and I was outta that chair! I have had hip replacements, elbow replacements, hey you lot know what its like. You know what though I kept up with my schooling, I am a Psychologist, I am happily married and I have an 8month old baby boy who is very healthy. I have well, normal friends, we have gone to Glastonbury festival three times, Uni was madness but so much fun and mischief, we all constantly go to concerts such as U2 etc and the theater, mind you these things are more difficult now I am a mummy but I love being a mummy so not to worry.

Anyway I just want to say that things work out well, girls there are few difficulties in pregnancy or getting pregnant so for goodness sakes be-careful cos I got pregnant v easily and had to do lots of planning to come of meds before I got preggers.

I really hope you all keep smiling, stick on music, enjoy life cos it is good. Some days are a struggle but there is so much life that is there for you to live too x


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    Hi Carrie

    I have just read this post and I just want to say that you are an inspiration. I really admire your attitude and just wanted to tell you. I was feeling a bit down tonight as I am going in to get both my hips replaced in two weeks and I am scared. I have more surgery scheduled when I have recovered from my THR and sometimes it just overwhelms me. I feel better now and will be focusing more on all the things I will be able to do that I cant do just now. Thanks xx
    Big Hugs
    Jean xx
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    Thank you Carrie you have helped me to get over some of my fears and worries and now the future looks bright thank you again
    x Fern
    Better to loose a few battles in the struggle, than to give up our dreams without putting up a fight.