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Hello there lovely peeps.

I am Caroline, mother of one 8 mth old v healthy baby boy and I am 34 yrs old. I am happily married to a husband who like me has arthritis too. I got it at 15 mths old and he got his aged 21.

We are positive, arthritis teaches such good qualities in a person such as to be strong, not sweat the small stuff, to care, to be perceptive of others difficulties. Sure we ache like no tomorrow and half of me has been replaced since I was aged 16. We are on Anti TNF, heck you lot know the story.

So why am I here? Well I am a mummy for the first time, lonely experience being a disabled mother, sure I have well friends but not one of them is a parent yet,there is no info available from professionals or big parenting organisations so I want to let others know its time to group together and think about helping future parents in our situations.

I have a blog, please go look at it, it is in its infancy right now but I am putting info on there about high street baby equipment that is easy to use for those with mobility difficulties and hope others will add to the discussion and share info. For those wanting to get pregnant and worrying does arthritis have an impact I have put my story on there but it would be fantastic if others put it out there for them to read too.


I would love to talk to other parents just because I could do with the support too. As a Psychologist I instantly want to help and sort out problems for others, sometimes forgetting about how I feel x


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    welcome can not help with being a parent with arther as children grown up but there are a few new parents so sure one will be along before to long you can always post on living with arthritus more people pop in there or chit chat val

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