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hi all,
my daughter is 5 and we have been struggling with her for over seven months now she gets severe joint pain in most of her joints her hands and ankles are worse she has to sleep around 3 timesa day just to get through the day she was diagnosed with hypermobility syndrome but after keep pushing as she is on paracetamol and iburophen and still struggles we have finnally got a referal to ruemotology and a childrens hospital next month my quiry is she went for an eye test at hospital last week as they said hypermobility can effect your eyes but consultant there said she had been refered quiry athuritis? we are totally in shock as it feels like they just keep coming up with new things and we still are not getting anywhere but my daughters joints dont swell or get hot so is athuritis possible?
sue x


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    Hi, I am not a mum but I do have arthritis and yes, it could be a possibilty for your little one. It does make one very tired and it is painful. I am not sure why hypermobility would affect her eyesight (but I am not a doc!), I am sure I have read of other youngsters on here who have hyper-mobile joints and arthritis. Please try not to fret too much, let's wait and see what the rhuematologist says, yes? He may well ask for blood tests and/or Xrays, perhaps you could start to keep a diary of your girl's good and bad days, not what makes things worse or better, this will give the rheumatologist some very useful background on her. I wish you both well, keep in touch and do let us know how she gets on. DD
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    Hi Sue

    I am so sorry to hear about your little girl. It breaks my heart hearing about children so young having such problems. I can imagine a little of how you must be feelng.

    Hopefully other parents will reply and you can always call The Source Helpline which offers confidential support for young people and the parents and families of children with arthritis. The number is:0808 808 2000 (10am-4pm weekdays). If you would like to learn more about The Source, go to Home and it will come up.

    Thinking of you

    Elna x
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