Otseoarthritis of the knee

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Hello helpline team,

I'm waiting for the results of my x-rays but my rheumy nurse and my physiotherapist are pretty sure I have 'wear and tear' of the knees. I was told this is due to the way I have been walking. RA has been affecting my feet and ankles and therefore I have been putting extra pressure on my knees. Even so, I was quite suprised as I'm only 23.

Today in my physiotherapy session, she said even teenagers can have wear and tear of the knees. (I don't think she was trying to belittle my pain, she's lovely, but I didn't realise it was that common.) Do people just live with this pain? I feel like a drama queen complaining about my knees (well, usually my right one) but it really does hurt a lot. I guess this could be due to the fact that I suffer with pain in other parts of my body too, so it seems worse. So, is OA of the knees common in younger people?

Thank you for hearing me. I'm feeling quite low in general to be honest.



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    Hi Starburst

    I have had OA in all my joints since I was a child, it gets worse as I get older and some joints are worse affected than others. I am 38 and have had a new toe joint, surgery on my elbow and am getting both my hips replaced in two weeks time. My knees have always been painful but not as bad as my hips etc but recently my right knee is giving me a lot of trouble. I think, like you, that it is because of the way I am walking as my hips and ankles are so stiff and sore. I am hoping that after my hip surgery, my knee wont be as sore. Try to be careful that you are not putting your knee under a lot of pressure, I dont kneel down or anything like that as it hurts too much. I hope you start to feel a bit better soon and I wish I had some good advice for you. Sending you hugs xx
    Big Hugs
    Jean xx
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    Hi Sophie,

    The helplines will help you but i just wanted to say you aren't a drama queen.

    I had oa i the knees by 15 and they also said that some ware and tear is normal but not to the degree I had so please don't think that its all in your head.

    I got used to the pain... Learned to ignore it a back then I still rode 6 or so hours a day. used to get off and the legs just wouldn't work. BUT I also did a lot more damage to the knees in the process.

    How they treated them back then was very different but some ware and tare is 'normal' excessive isn't!

    I hope the xrays will sort out exactly whats going on there and keeping everything crossed for you. Cris x
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    Dear Sophie,

    Thank you for your post to Helplines. Sorry to hear these knees (and particularly one of them) are so painful right now.

    I realise you are awaiting results so it's all a bit vague right now. But what many people with osteoarthritis (OA) experience may be some background ache and stiffness, but then periodic flare ups. (This is only a generalisation however.) But let's imagine that you might be experiencing a severe flare up. If that's the case then it can be acutely painful. You may well need real help with your pain. The GP and the rheumy team can help with medication. But day to day self management is really important and can make a substantial difference.

    If how you've been walking (your gait) is partly involved you may need to learn some physiotherapy moves. They are tremendously helpful with oa.

    Shoe orthotics (insoles) and podiatry know how are often key too.

    If the physio says knee problems are quite common in young people then he/she knows.

    As far as how you are feeling goes... we are here to talk to (you can Private Message us or phone - please do). I'm sure you will get some support from forum members. Would you like to say a bit more about what's going on?

    Hard feelings are part of the territory with arthritis at times - are there things that help you during difficult times? It may be one of those moments for heinz tomato soup and a favourite movie in between the odd bit of knee exercise.

    Hope that's helpful

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    Jean Thank you for your reply. It was helpful to hear someone else's perspective, although I'm sorry you've had a rough ride with it all. I do kneel a lot because I work with babies but I'm looking at if that's such a good idea. Sending hugs back too. xx

    Cris Thank you very much, that was really helpful and a simple explanation. I suppose it's good that they've x-rayed and hopefully, whatever it is will stop it getting any worse. Thanks agin, sending love. xx

    Guy Your reply was very helpful and informative. I think the right one is bad now because I'm 7 weeks post-surgery on my right ankle and the knee is compensating. I'm having weekly therapy and I have insoles which are useless. My rheumy said she'd refer me to podiatry when my ankle is a bit better.

    Regarding what's going on, well I've been stuck at home since my operation and staring at the same 4 walls are driving me insane. I'm one of those people who needs to be busy but I've lost motivation too.
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    no wonder you are feeling down being stuck in is bound to make you feel every ache more than if you could get out and have something to take your mind off things. but do not be-little the pain you are feeling as it can be bad so try games on computer reading anything to help distract mind from the pain good luck val
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    Hi Sophie,

    Flower once the results of the xrays are in they will be able to help more. It might be some physio, different tablets or possibly the steroid jabs into the knees (they don';t hurt so much as feel odd so don't panic :wink: )

    You let us know what the xrays say and Sophie there is always hope and something that can be tried and might well help so just hang in there. Leaving you a ((( ))), a hope and a cuppa. Cris xx

    Just thought flower a lot of the problem might be cus you are sat looking at the same 4 walls. I know for me its mind blowingly boring :roll:

    Maybe some of the time your laid up you could have a look at the self help stuff on the site? Its really helpful to be able to get your brain to help with pain control... mind i might spend a bit too much time away with the pyskies :lol:

    Meditation and relaxation though are so good at helping you. I know that if you can really relax your self down the pain does decrease possibly cus the muscles are not pulling at it all? I can't remember how it works but flower it does work and well worth finding.

    They had (and I think it was put back) a 3 kin or so download on the AC site of relaxation. I think its something about the deep breathing relaxing and seeing your self going to a gate into a beautiful grove. On the gate is a box and you put the pain and worry in the box and go into the grove.

    It may not be that one, I do so much of it and it might be one of my on but I don't think it is cus mine tend to be through a window.....

    Some folks use a magic carpet but Sophie it doesn't matter how you get there as long as you bin the pain and worry before you go, hence the box.

    Give it ago cus its really worth it. xx