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i know you can scare your self silly googaling arther but wanted to know what sites said about injections on sternum while looking at different saw a thing for what your nails say about you well they went through all sorts about 10 different ones then came to one that looked just like mine ridges running from base of nail to tip and index finger look like mine nice to know am common lol sign of inflimation have wondered if it was arther or meds looks like it arther still hiding right off to make appointment before chicken out hate going docs seem to always be there since arther came to visit tut tut val


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    That's interesting. My nails have been awful but I just assumed that's because I'm not quite 100 percent. My big toe nails have both died and it was explained to me that your body works on healing the important stuff and nails/hair etc comes near the bottom of the list.

    Please don't feel the need to tut at yourself. You have a genuine illness and if you need to see the doc, you need to see the doc. xx
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    All my fingers have ridges too val and they are so brittle.

    Juliepf x
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    Mine too :sad:

    Get that appointment made val!! :wink:


    toni xx
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    My nails are supposed to be rubbish as I have PA but so far, so good. They haven't thickened or discoloured but I guess there is still time for that to happen. :roll: Ask the doc about it the next time you are there valval, see what he has to say. DD
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    My docs always get cross with me as they ask to check my nails each visit . I always use nail hardeners to protect and strengthen my nails and so far so good , even after 30 years of RA ! They also want to check nail colour and texture ; but as I use ridge filler and nail varnish all the time ; my nails always appear smooth , and can be any colour from pink to purple to green or gold ! Jillyb
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    jilly you made me laugh with this .
    have made appointment with my fave doc so got to wait till sept but worth it as she listens and does not look down on any questions val
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    Hello Val

    I'm glad you have appt with your favourite doc - even though you do have to wait! And I'm glad you plucked up courage to make the appt!

    Interesting what you say - I think I have heard that nails are supposed to be a good indicator of health...

    Love Tilly xxx
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    Ridges in my hand and toe nails are caused by osteoporosis (lack of calcium), arther again! They are very brittle, always splitting so I keep them very short, if they do split shorter I wear plasters.

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