dla for kids

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I may be on the wrong forum here as its about dla for kids but not for an arthritis condition.
Who do you get to help you with the forms so you put your case across in the best way? If your child is nearer to 16 yrs is it best to wait until theyre 16 yrs as they would also be under the cooking own meal part i.e. they cant but under 16 it doesnt ask that?
I dont really know anything apart from bits i have read, thanks.


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    Ho Oneday

    only popped into see if that person on pollj's thread had been sorted out...glad they have.

    If l were you l would be seeing CAB for help with thisn one unless it's a specific disability where they may have advisors....such as scope for CP for instance.

    Someone on here will have applied and might have some better advice than me though.


    Toni xx
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    thanks Toni