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Hey! Not really sure where to start but basically I am 21 and have just been diagnosed with facet joint arthritis on top of central sensatization (central nervous system issue due to spinal cord damage) and hypermobility joint disorder. On my 21st birthday I fell off a pavement (NOT drunk!!) and everything went wrong from there! I was first diagnosed with sacroilliac joint dysfunction after 6 weeks bedridden and wheelchair bound and had my back seemingly relocated, I was then diagnosed with the central sensatization which basically makes the central nervous system hyper sensitive and as the doctor said 'all pressure will be felt as pain', two weeks ago I went to the pain clinic for this and came out with arthritis as well! I am on pregabalin and nortriptilyn and am ironically allergic to NSAIDS (anti-inflammatory's)! I am a support worker with learning disabled children and adults and since my accident it has made my work sooo much harder but I don't want to give up my job or career path at 21. I am due to start a new job within this field and don't want to put on the medical forms the huge list of reasons why they shouldn't hire me as I know I am capable and very good at my job but I also know legally I have to inform them :sad: ANYWAY if you've read all this thank you very much! oo also does anyone on here know anything about applying for DLA for arthritis or more importantly a blue badge? Best Wishes, Kerry


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    Hi, it's nice to meet you but I am sorry you have had to find us. I don't understand all the technical terms you have used but when you say arthritis do you mean osteo-arthritis? (I have both sorts, an immune-system based inflammatory one and OA thanks to the joint damage caused by the former (well, that's what I think caused it! :smile: ))

    As regards telling future employers then yes, you should and they should still consider you for the job as that is based on your technical abilities, not your health. In the real world, however, be prepared for some knock-backs. My husband has just lost an assistant due to her health problems with psoriatic arthritis but her sick record was far better than his other assistant's who actually has nothing wrong with her. :roll:

    DLA is applicable for those affected by arthritis, they are clamping down on claimants now and it can be very hard to qualify but you won't know until you try. If you are still using a wheelchair etc then yes, you should be able to get a BB. Both forms can be downloaded, I believe (it's years since I apllied for mine). The LWA forum is where we deal with matters that affect our everyday lives with RA, PA, OA, AS etc, you might find the Working Matters forum of interest, the rest are self-explanatory. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Kerry

    and welcome to the site :grin:

    Please do have a look around at the different forums on here..Living with arthritis is good for advice and tips support and a moan!!!

    Chit chat for general chat and usually a laugh. There is also a young persons which you might find useful, but they are often busy (having lives!) so more urgent queries l would stick to LWA!

    As for your job - do not give up for definite....l worked with back problems from the same sort of age as yourself....struggled with diagnosis though until l had back surgery 8 years ago.

    Tell the truth if you have to but can you back it up with evidence that you are now FIT for work as well??? Have you been off a lot? Will this be reflected in your reference? If so can you counter that with the new meds regime enabling you to work???

    DLA yes you could apply but these days it is hard to get so take advice CAB for instance before completing the forms :roll: That and blue badges are all available to look at online directgov is a good starting point.


    Toni xx
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    Hi Kerry..

    Welcome to the forum..
    Sounds like you have a lot going on at such a young age..
    You are doing so well coping with what you have and still focusing on your job...thats detrmination..fairplay..As the others have said you do need to be honest with employers,, but if you are the best person for the job then you should get it regardless, if you have interviews you could explain your health problems but say i control it by ....... that way they can understand..
    Blue badge you can apply online through your local council..
    DLA is alot harder these days ..i would get advice from yoiur local CAB..they will help you fill in foms etc..
    look forward to seeing you around..
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    Thank you everyone for your replies really means a lot! The doctor only said facet joint arthritis so I have no other knowledge yet of whether this is OA or immune system etc I assume its wear and tear which makes me think OA if I'm right...?? I'm not really after DLA for the money purposes but it seems to come with a lot of benefits such as I would get access to my local swimming pool for £1 membership as opposed to £75 and I need to do more physio and so swimming would be a huge benefit but I can't afford the normal fee! I shall say to my new employers that I have arthritis but I am on this that and this which makes me fit to work so thank you for the suggestions!! I had 2 months off work but my previous employees were really understanding so I don't think it has affected my references!

    Thank you again for your replies!!

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    OA is indeed the wear and tear type, as to the further benefits of DLA I cannot help. Our Council has a variety of money-saving/money-off deals, it may be worth enquiring with yours about this. DD
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    Thanks DD :smile:

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