DLA on BBC Breakfast News

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They are discussing DLA on BBC breakfast news this morning....

The MP person Maria (can't remember her surname) is justifying the new assessment process.

Worth a quick watch if anyone is up?


Toni xx


  • julie47
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    Thanks toni bet I have missed it now but I will watch out for it later on.
    (hopefully it will be on again)
    Juliepf x
  • Airwave!
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    All the expected arguments were wheeled out, supposed to be the hardest benefit to get? I thought they weren't starting the medical reviews etc till 2013?

    I thought DLA was an 'allowance' and not a benefit subject to other rules, I think the new mobility allowance will be grouped in with other benefits though, or did I understand it wrong? Maybe it will then be controlled differently.

    No doubt some will lose out and some will gain and we go through the old cycle over time till a new government comes and decides to stamp their form of politics over everything.
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    I think the government have good reasons for re-evaluating all benefits but as usual they try their best and get completely the wrong end of the stick.

    Only caught the end of the piece but I thought the lady defending DLA had some good points about the assessment process and that the people doing the assessments should be disabled people themselves thus employing more disabled people plus using evidence from GP's.

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