Acupuncture - for and against?

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I have had both knees replaced (27 months/15months ago) and would not hesitate to do it all again even though the recovery period has been a long one.

My question is re the second knee which I still have some 'deep' pain in and my physio has said he would like to do acupuncture to see if he can relieve the problem which may be scar tissue. However I wondered if anyone who had had this done could let me know of their experience and the outcome as another patient I met who had had acupuncture on her knee was quite scathing and said it was a waste of time.

Thank you in anticipation of your valued input



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    Hi Denny,

    Welcome to the forum, tis a good place.

    I haven't had it on my knees but have one and off for over 30 yrs in the lumber and more recently the lumber and the neck....

    Its always helped to some degree but the original acupuncturist was a casualty consultant who was into what was then alternative treatments and she used to nab me as her guinea pig. She learned in China and she was some good as well.

    I don't know but I think it does depend on the expertise of the person doing it as to how good the out come but think its worth a go.... I tend to think most things really...... Ever an optimist :wink: Nice to meet you and hopefully some more will say if it helped them soon. Nice to meet you Cris x
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    I had it in my wasnt a fantastic success but did help a attitude is...if it doesnt do any harm go ahead even if it doesnt do any good.
    I had one session of 6 and it relieved the pain {didnt take it away completely} I was usually ready for the next lot in a weeks time.
    He then did a second session of 6 and i would have been quite happy to let him keep on doing it but after the 2nd session he said that it didnt seem to be giving me enough relief to warrant keeping on doing it.
    This is the thing about NHS they can only do so much......If i had had to pay for it I dont think i would have had it but it relieved the pain a bit so like I say I would have kept on having it,
    There is nothing to it....not sore or anything like that.
    Poss its like tablets.....different things work for different people so give it a try.
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    Everyone is different in how they react to any treatment, you won't know if it works for you until you try it. I wish you well. DD
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    I used to have it for migraine treatment Chinese meridian acupuncture which was amazing hut strange 3 needles in nose and forehead and one in the calf. Pain went immediately.
    As for medical acupuncture my son had it when his shoulder injury kept coming back and our gp said he wanted to give it a try to encourage healing. My son is much better now.
    Everyone is different give it a go nOthing ventured nothing gained.
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    Hi Denny

    So good to meet you and l love ypur username :smile:

    You have nothing to loose that is my opinion. I had it twice - once on teh NHS and once privately years ago for my back. The former did help the later not so much, but if l were offered it again l would go for it.

    Nothing ventured nothing gained :wink:


    Toni xx

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