I can barely walk and my hubby needs op on knees

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well what are we to do?
I am back to barely walking and my hubbys mri scan came back he need an op as he has torn 2 cartlidge and they are in a mess. Problem is he will be on crutches for 6 weeks and I rely on him for help. I know it sounds really selfish but we are going to be so stuck and it will limit me even more than usual. And whos going to look after him? :shock: :eek:
any ideas


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    Oh Theresa
    I'm so sorry to hear this.....I dont actually know but I'm sure your social services would be able to help or point you in the direction of help. Ask the hospital where your husband is getting his op done.....explain it to them...I dont expect them to actually do anything but surely they must know who you can go to for help? What about asking your GP? These are only people that might be able to give you pointers.....and mayby someone will be on to answer that knows more about tis than me.
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    you should be able to get home help in ask doc they should have some numbers
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    Oh Theresa
    I have had an insight in to how you are feeling, my OH had to have a small op on his knee, and I was in panic mode...it was the first time he had anything wrong with him since I had Arthur.
    We did get through it, but I was so relieved when he was off crutches , so no you are not being selfish, it just survival kicking in.
    We both sought of did what we could.....what we couldn't do..ie shopping I did on line, I have two sons but both are working so would pop in at night.
    You will get there, and I do wish you well with everything.
    Have you any family or even neighbours that could pop in from time to time.
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    Hi theresa. . What the others have suggested regarding home help or friends and family popping round is the advice I would have given. . The hospital normally ask at pre ops if someone is able to look after you at home. . Your partner could mention it then. I would think though ringing your surgery in the morning for some advice would be best so you can get it sorted, one less thing to worry about. . Let us know how you get on. Shame we didn't live all close together we could all rally around for each other. X
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    I worked for NHS for 29 years. We made sure before discharge that patients would be able to manage before they were allowed home.
    We contacted Social services but this was a while ago and a lot has changed.
    I would speak to your GP first as he will know your problems. If he cannot help contact SS at your council direct. They were really quick to sort out something for my mum when I was ill and could not cope.
    This all needs sorting asap before your OH goes in hospital.
    Also I would speak to hospital.
    Please don't worry you will make yourself worse than you already,are if that's possible.
    Wishing you well. May
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    Hi Theresa.

    Is not selfish to be worried flower and I think the others have given good advice. If the hospital know the problem they will possibly be able to point you in the right direction and as may says they do make sure, crutches or not, that you are able to cope etc at home.

    I really hope you can get some ideas on home help for he time he will be out of action. Could your gp advise as well maybe? I hope you will be able to find a solution soon as the worry isn't good for you at all. Cris x
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    Thank yOu all for your replies. My hubby says he's not going to have the op til dcember as he is the only one working and he can't afford all that time off. My thoughts here are if they agree to this I may be able to have q sterOid by then.
    I think I panicked yesterday as I had a couple of falls and needed extra support from him. Plus the dhc stupor :/
    Still a bit doPey so excuse any spelling mistakes.
    Didn't get any sleep last night as OH snored all night at an alarming volume even for him and hes working so many hours I couldn't bring myself to nudge him. Although I was tempted to record him;)
    Thanks again to all for your support
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    Help should be available (how one goes about finding it I have no idea) but if not to the extent you want then I am sure you will be able to muddle through. It may give him some insight as to how life is for you so bear that in mind! I struggle with walking, at the moment hugely so thanks to the flare, but the bloody-minded side of me kicks in: what gets done gets done and what doesn't will still be there tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after that. You will both get through this, of that I am sure. DD
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    :green thanks DD
    I did consider saying to him you know that pain you get in ur knee amplify it a bit and imagine it in every joint......... :green
    Ooh where did that come from :oops: :smile:
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    theresa4 wrote:
    Thank yOu all for your replies. My hubby says he's not going to OH snored all night at an alarming volume even for him and hes working so many hours I couldn't bring myself to nudge him. Although I was tempted to record him;)
    Thanks again to all for your support


    I actually DID record mine the other day and sent it to a friend to make her laugh :lol: It did and at the time she needed a laugh.

    It will work out you know....l was alone with a 5 and 8 year old after my back op. Micro meals.....maybe a trolley to take things from a to b Attach mobile phone to one of you :wink: . Like Barbara said they got through, l got through. I am sure you will get through. If you have a fall....he will cover you up and phone a friend :wink: It will be ok.

    Love and hugs

    Toni xx

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