Now my arthritis is visible, work are been much nicer??!!

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Ive had arthritis for about 2 years now and have had foot orthotics which are only innersoles.

In the last couple of weeks, I got a ankle foot orthotic and for work I wear city shorts.

Now my boss, can see my ankle foot orthotic, everyone is been so nice and is understanding if I am unable to do something.

It drives me mad though now, that they can see my disability, they are been very nice.

I think it is very wrong.

Im not after people treating me like I cant do anything, I just want people to understand if I do need help, not to moan about it.

Does anyone else find this??


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    I don't think it's wrong, it's understandable. Human beings are visual creatures, some find it hard to comprehend (let alone understand) things they cannot see. Some find continual pain hard to accept, for them you have an ache, you take a pill and it goes. It's not like that for us. Mind you, having stuff you can see can lead to complications - oh the bullying I had at school due to my red, raw and flaking skin. I can hear even now the crows of delight from Guy Robb and his gang of 'Unclean! Unclean!' the day we learned about lepers (we were 8).

    On the plus side, your colleagues are now responding in a better way, a good thing, yes? DD
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