will claiming DLA loose me my working tax and child tax cred

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ive been diagnosed with PA. im 48, holding down a 16hr week job, at the moment, and have an 18yr old son at college, so i get tax credits (both 'working' and 'child') and obviously wages.. if i was to claim DLA would i loose these?, it seems i have to be in receipt of some benefit to get any real help?? and who can i ask to get honest un bias answers that dont make it seem that i am just scrounging.. i just want to get some practical help and pay for things that may make my make life easier for me.. and as some days are better than others its hard to say exactly how i feel and managing my illness. its been suggested i get c.a.b to help fill in my DLA forms as the criteria is strict now.. how would this help? do they put on the form that they have helped?? please excuse my ignorance, this is all new to me !! thanks for reading.. i had to edit this as i put ESA instead of DLA.. so much to learn !


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    Definitely not!

    They are entirely seperate beneifts, but have a chat to CAB...there may be other things you are entitled to.


    toni xx
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    No, you can claim both together. DLA is NOT means tested and cannot be taken into account for other benefits. I claim both. However, for some benefits if you have DLA you can get a small disability top up as well.

    Go for it, the worst they can do is say no. :smile:
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    Just confirming what has already been said, that DLA is not means tested so any other income is not affected at all.

    I still do 30 hours a week at a struggle and get working tax credits but can still apply for DLA.

    Do ask the CAB for advice filling in the form, it doesn't penalise you in any way and you don't have to say they have helped. I haven't applied yet but do know they are just more experienced and I am told helpful in knowing the best approach to take for a more successful outcome. They may well prompt you to acknowledge difficulties you hadn't even thought of and will never judge you.

    DLA is exactly for the reason you state "a bit of help to make life easier on the tough days" The CAB will be honest and unbiased about your chances of success but since it has been suggested to you it can't hurt to make an appointment, though there may be a bit of a wait to see someone.
    Good luck with it all.