How has going back to school been?

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Just wondered how everyone was feeling at the start of the new term/year.

Kayleigh has now gone into year 1 and for all the bad things I could have said about the last teacher, with this one what a change I am so much happier for her and the communication has been brilliant so far. Only been back a week but already I know things are going to be good as she had EVERYTHING sorted and ready for Kayleigh including a communication book so I know how she's been etc.

Even the TA has been brilliant the one thing I'm unsure about is how they do PE in year 1 as it's a 30 minute session each day and the only thing they do is take of shoes and socks. She has specially made shoes to correct her arch and protect her heels (getting new ones in a few weeks that will have moulded heels as her ankles have been hurting a LOT lately but I know it's not a flare up and orthotics said it's down to how her bones are rubbing and she's got no support there to stop it happening or something like that but he is going to make her comfortable again) but back to the point whether it's worth asking them to keep her shoes on or see how she goes tough one that is as she wants to join in with the others but if she's going to suffer rest of the day it's a hard choice.

Anyway hope your all doing well with school, change or teachers or even change of schools?

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    Hi, it's nice to see your name again, I hope all is as well as it can be. I've been thinking about the PE dilemma and I think she must be given the chance to wear her special shoes: if her bones are already rubbing (and they are still growing) then she must have all the support her feet and ankles need. I can understand she won't want to be different to the other children but surely the risk of hurting herself further has to be considered. I hope she has a good term. DD
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    I have RA and teach a Y1 class-so glad you little treasure has an understanding teacher to support her. I would let her take part in shoes if she was in my class-it's really important that she feels included and part of everything that she can cope with, though there may sometimes be activities which would be less safe in shoes that she might be better watching-or helping the teacher by blowing whistles to start and stop etc-a wise an experienced teacher will know how to make it work for her.
    Hope she has a fantastic year in her new class-and that you get all the communication that you need as a parent. :smile:
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    End of week 2 and I'm feeling so much happier than I ever did when she was in reception.

    I have spoken with her TA who then spoke with her teacher and they were more than willing to let her keep her shoes on. The ta even went to the point of going with them on Friday to make sure the sub teacher was going to listen and ensure she kept her shoes on.

    They let her decide when to use a chair during carpet time etc and they have already noticed a pattern that come lunch time she is flagging but by 2 has picked up again. She has ibuprofen at 1 the fact they have noticed this is important to me as reception teachers would say no she's been fine all day.

    Her ta asks her every day at med time how she feels and gets her to give a number 1 for good 9 for bad. At first I didn't know what to make of this but if it means Kayleigh will start being truthful about how she feels without actually saying i'm hurting then this is a major improvement as she wouldn't even speak to her reception teacher (her words were I don't like her oops) although even though on thursday she said 2 to her ta the ta noted in her book that but also said she was really quiet and teary but by about 2 was bouncing again.

    They also make sure there is a chair in assemblies for her now (something the reception teachers never bothered with :roll: ) so at least her hips aren't hurting her as much so it's def making a difference.

    She seems much happier and it's a lot better environment in reception it's one big open unit where they play and then classrooms off this room for register or one to one times and with 2 reception classes and then a nursery so at max they would have 90 students in there I can certainly see why they never picked up on her bad days but then you would also like to think that would make more of an effort but she would often come home in tears in pain as they also kept forgetting to give her meds :evil now in year 1 it's a single classroom with i guess 30 kids not sure on actual numbers with teacher and a ta and already she's come out of her shell, speaks to them etc although she still won't volunteer any info if something is hurting her :( but that's another story.

    oops gone on again lol

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    So glad that Kayleigh has had a positive start to Y1- sounds like her teacher and TA are well tuned in to her needs-I'm sure that as her confidence and familiarity with them grows she'll feel able to tell tham what hurts when. It might help the staff to know if she has any particular words or phrases, or perhaps behavioural cues, she uses to you when she's in pain-then they will be able to tune in and respond without her needing to find the confidence to approach them. I guess you feel a lot better too knowing that they so clearly care about her. Hope all continues to go well for her. D