My 17 year old daughter diagnosed with osteoarthritis

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Hi. During a routine check up it was found my 17 year old daughter has severe osteoarthritis in her right hip. This has come as a shock as up until now she has shown no symptoms. We want to stop this getting worse - what should we do? She is not overweight and is in fact tall (1.75m) and thin. She likes sport - plays tennis, jogs and goes to the fitness centre. One doctor has recommended "Magnetic Resonance Therapy". Has anyone heard of this? Any advice would be gratefully received.


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    Hi castek

    Thank you for your posting.

    I'm sorry to hear that your daughter has arthritis.

    it would be best to speak to a physiotherapist first regarding the best exercises/sports to do (you can get a referral from her doctor).

    For more information on exercise and arthritis and Living with osteoarthritis see our booklet at and our factsheet on osteoarthritis of the hip at

    We do not have any information on Magnetic Resonance therapy (only on MRI scans).

    It may be worth speaking to a doctor or a physiotherapist to see if they have information on this.

    For information on coping with pain see our booklet at

    I hope this helps.

    You are welcome to ring our helplines on 0808 800 4050 (open from Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm) if you would like to have a chat, or need more information.


    Helplines Team
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    Hi Castek ,

    Just wondered in and wanted to say i am sorry your daughter has got the oa so young. I don't know much about the magnetic thing but I do know about oa young and the thing I wandered is how much is it bothering her?

    I know there are growing issues at her age cus my kid brother had to have 2 new hips and they wouldn't do his till he was 21 but once done he has lead a full and active life and just wanted you to know that.

    Me it went after my feet and knees and then the back but I guess I could say i also had a good and full life for a lot of years and still do to a point.

    They told me over and over I would make it worse and maybe I did but least i lived :lol:

    See, as the helplines say cus they know their stuff, what the physio can suggest but I just wanted you to know about my own and my kid brothers things. He has had both hid hips re-done now but not till recently an he is in his 40's and really has been active and used the replacements a huge amount. Hang in there and sorry again for you and your daughter it must have been quite a shock to you all. nice to meet you Cris x
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    Hello there. I am new here and am just learning about OA. I have been browsing the forums to learn as much as I can and have been shocked to learn that young people con have this condition. My mother is very old and of course is in the late stages but it has really affected her life. Do your best to seek out the best possible treatment as I have found it can dramatically affect my mother.
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    Hi Logi

    Welcome to the forum and if there is any information you would like sent to you let us know regarding our own situation. Alternatively feel free to give us a call or pass our number onto your mother.

    Best wishes


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